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    Spreadproof 2010-2011 NHL Thread

    Hey guys, it has been a while for me but I am getting back into publishing/posting plays every day and figured I should add to theRx as well, since I love this place and it spawned my sports publishing life. :) I play all my bets risking an equal 3% of my bankroll divided every day, after a...

    Betfair NHL Betting: Detroit /Anaheim and Buffalo/Chicago

    Betfair NHL Betting: Detroit /Anaheim and Buffalo/Chicago Betfair checks out 2 games tonight... By Betfair Detroit at Anaheim Coming off that overtime loss to Dallas on Monday night, Detroit seeks a little revenge at the expense of the Anaheim Ducks as the Wings start a 3 game...

    CONTEST: Take the Betfair Canada Challenge (By

    THE BETFAIR CANADA CHALLENGE We’ve created the Betfair Canada Challenge to help you get started with Betfair. It’s a great way to try the different bets on offer at Betfair and win some great free prizes. There are three tasks; all involve placing a different...