1. Phenom

    Baseball 2023:

    I will start the rest of this baseball season with this play Baltimore Orioles ML +166
  2. dacoochiebets

    Coochie vs the Bookie MLB 2nd Half

    Yankees vs Astros Astros ML -125 A guy who just might become a household name come the fall will be on the mound for the Astros (Cristian Javier) as they play host to the MLB’s best New York Yankees in the first of a doubleheader —— and as surprised as some might be that the Yankees are dogs...
  3. dacoochiebets

    Coochie vs The Bookie

    WhiteSox vs Guardians Guardians ML -105 The Cleveland Guardians find themselves below .500 for the first time since June 8 thanks to a 2-8 stretch in their last 10 games and will look to get back on the winning side of things on Monday when they play host to the Chicago White Sox. And with...
  4. dacoochiebets

    Coochie vs The Bookie MLB Play of the Day

    Guardians vs Tigers Under 8.5 (-110) TIGERS UNDERS —— the cash cow I just can’t get away from. The Tigers are really a tailor-made “Under” team when you take a second to think about it —- their bats can’t score, the starters have been solid but not amazing, and the bullpen has been absolutely...
  5. alexcollado

    MLB 06/23

    Marlins - Rockies H2 (+1.5) Braves - Giants W1 Brewers - Cardinals W2 Padres- Phyllies W1
  6. dacoochiebets

    Coochie vs The Bookie

    If you enjoyed today's play/analysis and want to have all my picks/analysis in your inbox each morning just subscribe to my FREE newsletter! Blue Jays vs Cardinals (HATE TO DO IT PLAY OF THE DAY) Play —- Cardinals ML (-115 )I’m not here to lie, I’m not...
  7. dacoochiebets

    Coochie vs The Bookie ---- April 15th

    MLB YTD Record ——- 30-27-1 (+1.17U) MLB Record Yesterday —- 3-4 If you'd like to have all my picks and analysis sent to your inbox each morning, just sign-up for my FREE Substack! Today’s Card: Reds ML (+200) Reds v Dodgers Under 9 (-100) Astros ML...
  8. dacoochiebets

    Coochie vs The Bookie

    MLB YTD Record 17-12-1 To have all my picks and analysis e-mailed to you each morning sign-up for my newsletter! IT. IS. FREE. Royals ML (-115) Rangers ML (-120) Pirates ML (+175) Mets vs Phillies Under 9.5 (-120) Rockies vs Ranger Under 9.5 (-105) A’s vs Rays O8.5 (-100) Marlins vs Angels Under...
  9. Phenom

    BaseBall 2022:

    It's a new baseball season and I'm going to start with these teams. Washington Nationals RL -130 Arizona Diamondbacks RL -110 Boston Red Sox RL -150
  10. Baseball Fields blueprint by me

    What do you think? Suggestions?
  11. chevycola

    Chevycola's 2019 Baseball Picks

    2018 TOTALS ytd 160-138 +3011 March 28th St. Louis +101 (100/101) Arizona +152 (100/152) Toronto -138 (138/100) 5Dimes
  12. Vegas Dave Sytem Plays

    In an effort to pass time until College Football starts I have been betting baseball this summer... With decent results.. I have tried a few different touts along the way. Currently I am getting system plays from the hated Vegas Dave. Its a basic chase system that essentially if his team wins...
  13. MLB Picks 7/21/17

    [906] cincinnati reds -113
  14. Batsleeves

    Baseball bat

    What are the differences between softball and baseball?
  15. FPC Profits MLB picks + WINNERS

    Hello all, new to the forum here. I'll be posting my MLB picks and YTD in this thread. Feel free to leave any opinions/comments and hopefully we all can win some $$$$$$$ Tuesday 4/12: <tbody> <tbody> <tbody> WagerType: Date: Team: Risking / To Win STRAIGHT BET Apr 12 MLB [955] SDG -110...
  16. Medz Obr

    Hey all!

    I'm a new member here...I was banned at a different forum for simply defending myself from some haters. 14-6-0 on the year for MLB and I guess they didn't like winners. Anyways! I hope everyone's having a good day and I look forward to both sharing my picks and reading what you all have to say...
  17. Free Dodgers Tickets for every game in September!!!

    Free Dodgers Tickets for every game in September!!! This month alone we have given out 20 + tickets to see Dodger Blue play and we have decided to do it even bigger for the month of September!!! If we can get our official Dodgers video to 10k plus hits we will be giving one lucky fan a pair...
  18. Mlb system!! :)

    Compare 132 statistics prepared for MLB! [Sunday July 12] Win: Chi Cubs SF Giants ------------------------------------------------------- Good luck!
  19. TexasT

    Home Run Baseball Picks - SCAM ALERT!!!

    Do NOT fall for this guy's BS! He WILL rip you off!!! Stay away at ALL costs!
  20. Dodgers 2015 Music Video

    Hello all, This is Brent from top notch sports pics I invite you all to take a look at my new music video Dodgers in 15 as well as take the Dodgers to win the NL as well as the World Series. My daily plays will continue to be posted in the service play forum. Gl to all #tnsp
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