MLB Betting – Halladay Pitching His Best When It Matters Most; Brewers Searching For Consistency


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Nov 26, 2010
MLB Betting – Halladay Pitching His Best When It Matters Most; Brewers Searching For Consistency

When it comes to a sport like baseball, it could be difficult to find the perfect MLB betting points to lay down money on a weekly basis, but there are always trends to keep an eye on. Over the course of the season, some of those trends can be found in specific pitching matchups, or just the way that teams perform in general. One of those trends can be found in the way that the ace of one of the best teams in the majors has performed under pressure since joining the club, while another can be found with the inconsistencies that have held another from joining them among the best.

The Philadelphia Phillies are back at the top of the National League East division, with Roy Halladay leading the way for one of the most talented pitching staffs in baseball. That unit features Halladay, Cole Hamels, Cliff Lee, and Roy Oswalt, a group that is undoubtedly capable of getting the job done in the postseason when it matters the most. That is illustrated in the way that they have each performed in past betting services years, as well as how they have performed so far this season under pressure. Halladay in particular is an amazing 17-1 TSR against division opponents since first donning the Philadelphia uniform, and should continue to be relied on to get the online sports betting services job done in the NL East.

Meanwhile, the Milwaukee Brewers have failed to make the push forward despite bringing in a couple of marquee pitchers to add to their staff in the offseason. The additions of Shawn Marcum and and Zach Grienke have yet to pan out the way that the team has expected, and that has led to a very inconsistent effort so far this season. The Brewers were below .500 heading into the 2011 Kentucky derby betting weekend, and until they prove that they can get the job done on a more consistent basis it is a wise choice to bet against the streak in games that they are playing.

Another team that has been hindered by inconsistency is the Boston Red Sox, the consensus most-improved team heading into this season. The Red Sox were just 4-11 through their first 15 games as favorites ranging from minus-125 to minus-175 this pay per head season, a sign that they aren’t getting a complete effort on both sides of the ball. When the pitching has been at its best the offense has struggled, while the arms haven’t gotten the job done when the runs have come in. That has kept Boston from challenging the rival New York Yankees at the top of the American League East, and until they find a way to play a more consistent game they cannot be counted on as the pay per head favorites. These are just a couple of trends to keep an eye on over the next couple of weeks, as the Phillies continue to excel while Boston and Milwaukee attempt to turn things around.

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