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  1. Credit Card Processor

    We looking to work with a Price per Head , that needs a credit card processor, our processor is via virtual giftcards, for more information call at 888-200-8191. We are located in Costa Rica.
  2. KOKOMOS in Jaco opens today!!!

    RX Posters, Long time lurker, first time Costa Rican Forum Poster. I am a Cali transplant now living in Atlanta and have been coming to CR when the airport terminal was a sorry Quonset hut and you could breeze through Customs in minutes. I have two very good friends who are opening KOKOMOS...
  3. PPH solutions

    Price per Head solutions Here 1-877-456-4344
  4. PPH solutions for bookies

    Attention Bookies! Real Price per Head offers $14 per player over the internet. Customize every single line as you wish Customize Juice Activate / Deactivate any line whenever you want 24/7 wagering Many many reports Control Sub-agents FREE Horsebook Ask for test accounts. Personalize...
  5. Price per Head Shop

    $23 per man via Phone $14 per man via Internet Free HorseBook email: Toll Free: 1-877-456-4344 Real Price Per Head
  6. Price per Head Shop

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  7. NES

    Hope this isnt anyones sister

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