1. Sportsbooks that offer Western Union or Moneygram payouts??

    I have been with Wagerweb for some time now because they offer "same day" (within 24 hours) Moneygram payouts. Can anyone else tell me what other Sportsbook offer Western Union or Moneygram payouts as i am looking to change books.
  2. FPC Profits MLB picks + WINNERS

    Hello all, new to the forum here. I'll be posting my MLB picks and YTD in this thread. Feel free to leave any opinions/comments and hopefully we all can win some $$$$$$$ Tuesday 4/12: <tbody> <tbody> <tbody> WagerType: Date: Team: Risking / To Win STRAIGHT BET Apr 12 MLB [955] SDG -110...
  3. If you want to apply for an online gaming license, kindly read this post.

    For interested parties who are about to invade the online gaming business, I know a reputable company in Asia that particularly offers licensing services. The Morong Ecozone Inc., commonly known as the MEi, assists gaming operators to establish their business and obtain a legal license. They...
  4. SportsRadioShow

    a stock tip that WILL change your life

    There is a stock with the symbol of "TTDZ". The CEO announced last week he is buying up 99% of the float to lower share count. The MM's made believe there was a mass selling last week so it could look like dilution. But I talked to a one of the higher ups there- and he informed me that the...
  5. Betallsports

    Master " BUY GROUPS "......Please Post All Buy Groups ** HERE ONLY**!

    If You are looking to Start a Buy Group, Please Post them Here . Anything Found in the Other Threads in the Service Plays Forum, will be Moved Here.
  6. Nice parlay 5/3 !!!!

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ High MIA + High DEN 2 Team MIA + DEN + High MIA + High DEN 4 Team $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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