1. Romney Sued for RICO in Fed Court The Big Battle has begun.
  2. barman

    Pentagon loses track of another $8.7Billion in U.S. taxpayer dollars

    Pentagon Can't Account For $8.7 BILLION In Iraqi Reconstruction Money, Audit Finds ------ Bar: But just keep giving us that much every couple weeks and we'll promise to keep better track. And remember...if you say No to giving us more billions in taxpayer money to cover our next month of...
  3. Fraud at BETUS

    How much do you really know about Do you know it for a fact or just by rumor? Maybe you have an account with or you had one. Do you remember me? I'm the account manager you knew as "Sal". The only American in the whole company. Well let me give you a taste of the Real...
  4. Tom Petters pleads ?

    The US Attorney indicted the billionaire to be, with 20 counts yesterday. Now he seeks to be vindicated, even though 4 of his associates have already plead guilty.
  5. Dispute with

    In September 2006 I went to my account and found that my balance of $5400 had mysteriously been reduced to zero. I looked at the account history and discovered that the money had been transferred to their poker room and “lost”. I’ve never played poker on that site. Clearly...
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