Person 2 Person Betting / Person v Bookie Betting (a.k.a. Better Odds = Bigger Wins Thread)

    Hey guys: I'll be posting some of the best odds for Week 4 today. I assume the BEST odds will be on either Pinnacle or Betfair. Occasionally, Betfair don't have the best odds so I recommend shopping around for the best lines. And remember, at Betfair, even though you can bet on sports in the...

    NFL Week 1 "Value Pays The Bills" Thread - Pinnacle and Betfair

    Hey: I'd like to keep this thread going every week for the guys out there who are cheap like me when it comes to betting lines and like shopping for the best odds... I'll post the Betfair and Pinny lines here pre-game to kick things off...if someone can update the thread if they find better...

    Spain and Switzerland hand Betfair best ever soccer game

    Last Wednesday’s World Cup clash between Spain and Switzerland was the biggest-ever soccer game on Betfair, Live Odds and Scores reports. Over £50m was matched across Betfair’s markets in the shock 1-0 defeat for Spain, with over £32m traded in the Match Odds market alone. It was also the...

    Cool Betfair World Cup Wallchart ++ Freebet for all new players - Check it out

    <object classid="clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000" codebase=",0,0,0" id="betfair_wc_wallchart" width="1072" align="middle" height="640">d <embed...

    Cool article from Betfair Education Department on "Streak theory" For you math geeks out there...This article from Betfair Education talks about the misconception of Regression to the Mean.

    WIN $500 from Betfair - USA vs Canada (Canadians ONLY please)

    Hi guys: Hope you are well after bankroll isn't feeling so nice anymore! Very dissapointing but here's a chance at some cash this weekend. I'm announcing a contest...This contest is for Canucks only. New or old account holders...

    BETFAIR - Betting, Props available for mens Hockey today

    Bet for or against an outcome, set your own odds and wait to be matched and bet in play until the final betfair the choice is yours! Finland v Belarus 1st Period Goals 1st Period Match Odds Belarus +2.5 Goals Belarus...

    Betfair Men's Hockey - Odds To win gold 17th February, 2010 View current odds and amount available to back (bet for) or bet against (lay) above. Matched so far: CAD $339,583 To Back: Canada +134 Russia +275 Sweden +720 USA +1000 Czech +2200 Finland +1900 AND if you are feeling like...

    Understanding Betfair

    A lot of confusion over Betfair so let me see if I can clear up a couple of things for you guys... 1. FIRST KEY TO UNDERSTANDING BETFAIR... Just like eBay matches up buyers and sellers, Betfair matches sports gamblers up on either side of the bet with the odds they agree. Simple. It's a...

    Bowman's vs. Pinnacle vs. Betfair - Where is the value tonight?

    Line shopping right now...Here's Bowman's / Pinny / BF Comparison as at 5p.m. Square Book (Bowman's) Detroit: -1.5/+180 -------------- -165 -----------O5.5/-115 Pitt: +1.5/-220 ----------------- +145 ------------- U5.5/-105 Pinnacle Sports Detroit: -1.5/+189 -------------- -155...

    Pinny vs. betfair Value Lines tonight

    For those of you looking for value tonight... Pinnacle Sports Detroit: +1.5/-245 +118 O5.5/-112 Pitt: -1.5/+225 -128 U5.5/+102 Betfair (take 2-5% off ONLY if you WIN for commission) Detroit: +1.5/-227 +126 O5.5/-103 Pitt: -1.5/+205...

    The Punter's Halfway Update: Angel win would send me to seventh heaven

    'The Punter' at Betfair takes a close look at Ben Crane, Angel Cabrera, and Italian Open golf betting: I'm trying to be positive but whichever way I look at it this week the glass isn't quite half-full. There are positives but there are plenty of negatives. After two days of the Italian...

    Betfair's American Idol Market (ABC News.)

    The Game Behind the Game: 'American Idol' Betting 'American Idol' Gains Unlikely Fans Among Gambling Enthusiasts By SHEILA MARIKAR ABC NEWS April 22, 2009 — Millions tune in to the live broadcasts of "American Idol" for the singing, the suspense, the chance to select the country's new...

    Betfairpoker Free Million Dollar Game - Great chance at winning a Million.

    Guys: I know you've heard it all before...but... Canadians, this is probably the easiest chance at a Million you will ever have to sit down to represent Canada at a table with 14 others where 1 of you walks away with a million dollars (USD). This is the first WSOP Europe event this year as...

    Learn about betting exchanges - Betfair play for fun site

    Betfair Play For Fun site Learn about betting exchanges. We are also running a soccer contest on the site this weekend - free to play: Check it out here in the soccer forum

    Betfair buys tvg for $50M

    European betting shop Betfair Group Ltd. is entering the United States market with the $50 million purchase of the TVG television network and account wagering company, according to a release issued this afternoon. Speculation had centered on Louisville-based Churchill Downs Inc. as a potential...

    Qatar Open Betting: Murray should be the man this week (By

    Qatar Open Betting: Murray should be the man this week Click here to view market This week the Big 3 of Federer, Nadal and Murray are all in action at the Qatar Open but it speaks volumes of Andy Murray's progess that Sean Calvert makes him the man to beat this week. The self...

    Lakers, Cavaliers hit the road as chalk (By

    Lakers, Cavaliers hit the road as chalk By A sickly Lakers squad starts a four-game road trip in Miami on Friday night, while LeBron James and the Cavaliers face an old foe in Denver. Los Angeles Lakers (1.35) at Miami Heat (2.64) Just when it looked as if the Miami...

    Betfair Casino - Only casino with NO House Edge (on YouTube)

    Hi, I found these YouTube videos which explain our No House Edge Games in the Betfair Casino Zero Lounge. <link rel="File-List" href="file:///C:%5CDOCUME%7E1%5Cmatukr%5CLOCALS%7E1%5CTemp%5Cmsohtmlclip1%5C01%5Cclip_filelist.xml"><link rel="themeData"...

    NFL Week 14 Pool on Betfair - $280 Guaranteed

    Hi all: There's a Week 14 NFL post-up (£10) pool on Betfair with only 8 people signed up (so far) and £150 (approx. $280 CAD) Thanks, Canada Manager
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