baseball bet

  1. Phenom

    NBA Season 2022/2023:

    For some reason I didn't care to post any NBA picks, but I will start posting now Denver Nuggets -10 Memphis Grizzlies -6 Sacramento Kings -5
  2. dacoochiebets

    Coochie vs The Bookie MLB Play of the Day

    Guardians vs Tigers Under 8.5 (-110) TIGERS UNDERS —— the cash cow I just can’t get away from. The Tigers are really a tailor-made “Under” team when you take a second to think about it —- their bats can’t score, the starters have been solid but not amazing, and the bullpen has been absolutely...
  3. dacoochiebets

    Betting the Bases with Coochie vs The Bookie

    MLB Plays Giants vs Mets O7.5 Yankees vs Tigers Under 8.5 A’s -135 Mariners -140 Rangers v Mariners Over 8 Marlins ML -125 Nationals -130 Diamondbacks v Nationals Under 9 MLB POTD PLAY ——- Chicago White Sox RL (+135 playable to +115) Starting something new as many have been clamoring for some...
  4. dacoochiebets

    Coochie vs The Bookie

    Head over to my free newsletter to have my daily picks and analysis e-mailed to you each morning! YTD Record —— 375-354-47 (+37.11 Units). MLB Record —— MLB YTD Record ——- 27-23-1 (+1.97U) College Basketball —— 193-170-7 (+31.2U) NHL ——- 26-35-3 (-12.3U)...
  5. Mlb system!! :)

    Compare 132 statistics prepared for MLB! [Sunday July 12] Win: Chi Cubs SF Giants ------------------------------------------------------- Good luck!
  6. PaperChaser

    Paper Chasing Aug 26

    Hi everyone, I'm new to his forum but I have followed it for some time now. I figured that I would start contributing so we can help each other out to make some money. I will keep a record of my plays for tracking purposes. I won't post my record up to this point because it is not documented and...

    Betfair PS3 Super Bowl Winners

    <hr style="color: rgb(253, 222, 130); background-color: rgb(253, 222, 130);" size="1"> <!-- / icon and title --> <!-- message --> PS3 Super Bowl Draw Winners Hi RX Betfairians: Here is a link to the winners' page. Please post if a Canadian RXer won one of these. I'd like...
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