The Vegas-Runner Scam - Fraud Exposed

Aug 20, 2010

The whole SCAM started in late 2007 when Vegas-Runner (aka Gianni/John Karalis, aka THE PICKS PRODIGY, aka IT´S A LOCK, aka thesportspro, aka canudigit, aka FOOYouTOO, aka fooyoutooo, aka updaass, aka again, aka ACE of VEGASYNDICATE, aka YOURALEMON, aka the conman) showed up at Pregame.

To see his shilling in action, just check out this thread at the RX:

First he makes a post to hype himself under the name KNOWTHEGAME and then he replies to that same post under another one of his names, THESPORTSPRO to hype himself even more.

The Pregame boss told people this was something NEVER BEFORE DONE ONLINE. For the first time a real successful high-rolling Vegas sharp would share his picks with the public, and to boot, for a fee off course.

Well this is how the LIE started since VR is neither successful, sharp or new to the internet. Vegas-Runner has been around for YEARS under different names scamming people and looking for attention. Two things a REAL SUCCESSFUL SERIOUS SPORTS BETTOR DON´T need/want is the chump change from selling picks or the attention.

Well Vegas-Runner is a real attention whore and he seems to need every cent he can get SINCE Vegas-Runner (John/Gianni Karalis) lives in a tiny little CHEAP house on “8055 Sapphire Cove Ave”

As you can see on the picture, it is basically a shoebox and hardly the “I live with the rich and famous in a gated private community” BULLSHIT he told people to make them believe he is SUCCESSFUL, which he off course IS NOT!!! Hell, a single mother can afford to live in a dump like that and for a successful high-roller that house is only valued at a few bets.



Since Vegas-Runner is a poor bastard, he has been scamming people for years and a big scam was back in 2004 with his “ACE SPORTS NETWORK”. You see this whole ACE shit is his own ego talking, since he is no ACE. Ace sports network was a way for this pathetic man to get money to bet with, since he didn´t have any money himself. The idea was to fool people to give him money to bet with instead of having people buy picks and bet for them self, he would bet for them with THEIR money for a FEE off course.


$5,000.00 Investment

$10,000.00 Investment

Service Fees;

$500 Minimum per month (Same price as VIP Platinum Monthly Package)

Or 20% of the Monthly net profits, whichever is greater

Example – if Ace increased your bankroll by $5000 in a month, your money management fees would be $1000 for that month and you would keep the other $4000.

Not bad (for a poor bastard) betting with other peoples money, he would make $500 OR MORE per client that invested/risked their money with this con man. Win or lose (like he has for 3 years on pregame as a tout) he makes money and for a low-rolling con man I guess making $500 or more from a bunch of people is good money.

Now here is the TYPICAL CON JOB VEGAS-RUNNER STYLE. In November of 2004 all the money people had in this “ace sports network” fund, about 250k VANISHED!!! At least that is what Vegas-Runner wanted people to think and here is what one of his clients said about it:

I invested $10,000 in August. He stated he would invest my money and guarantee me a

return of 5% per month (guaranteed profit=typical scam) for 6 months, at which time I could ask for my money back. He only paid me for September= $250, October = $500, and November = $500. This month he claims he was robbed and all the money is gone and that I will never get paid again.

Then we have Vegas-Runner´s partner who was left to deal with the mess and what he had to say about this mess.

I was expecting John/Gianni (Ace) Karalis to come to my house and drop off $35,338.00 for October´s Client Withdrawals and money for Ace Sports Network, Inc. At around 11:30AM, I get a call from Ace very frantic to come over his house and I said – What´s wrong? He said – Just come over.

So now vr/ace/conman (call him what you want) tells his partner… He had taken all the money from the fund to deposit in a bank and then transfer it to a bunch of offshore books. With about 250k in 2 bags he drives into town and stops at Starbucks for a coffee BEFORE GOING TO THE BANK leaving the money in the car. Driving away he hears that something is wrong and seed one of the tires is flat. Pressed for time he “claims” he then drove home on just the rim to change the car. At home he tells his wife to take out the 2 bags with money and she tells him there are no bags on the floor where he claim he put them.

THE CLIENTS FUND HAS VANISHED!!!!!! (if anybody can believe that)

Vegas-Runner then says he knows someone that might be able to loan him 250k so they can stay in business but nobody wants to loan 250k to a guy like Vegas-Runner so that doesn´t work out.

(Clearly Vegas-Runner doesn´t even have 250k about a day worth of bets for a mid level successful pro (So much for Mr. high-roller). His partner tells him you should get a home equity loan on your home since Vegas-Runner is the guy who have “lost” the money.

Vegas-Runner then tell his partner the house is not even in his name (poor bastard con man doesn´t want to be on the papers off course) but he will ask his wife about it. Big surprise his wife doesn´t go for it. After failing to get a loan to cover the “lost” money and stay in business, vegas-runner´s partner now calls the third “owner” of ace sports network asking if he know anybody that can bail them out of the mess, but again they have no luck.

Vegas-Runner´s partner then calls their biggest “investor” to let him know what has happened and offer him 50% of ASN if he can bail them out by investing MORE MONEY. He is not happy to find out he has lost all the money he had invested and starts to ask questions about vegas-runner´s STORY as he doesn´t believe it and tells vegas-runner´s partner to ask vegas-runner more about the “story”


That evening I speak to Vegas-Runner to present the same tough questions our biggest investor had asked me and asked if he went to see his attorney to get the affidavit signed of his story. He says no. I ask why because he said he was going to do it in the afternoon. He makes an excuse. I start pressing as to why he would not put in writing what he has told everyone.

He starts to get very defensive and I start to get very suspicious. Then Vegas-Runner snaps – You´ll get your affidavit first thing in the morning but I´m done with this. I don´t want you calling me or coming to my house and I´ll tell XXX (third owner) the same thing. I drive to his house and through his window says – I told you that you´ll get your affidavit and I´m going to tell you 1 time and I´m going to tell XXX 1 time, don´t call me and don´t come over. I´m done with this.

Nice, so vegas-runner “lost” the whole fund and now he just wants to walk away leaving a mess for his 2 partners to clean up. Sound like a nice guy you want to keep giving your money for his worthless picks and bullshit stories???

I leave his house feeling like why is he trying to walk away from this when he created the problem and we´ve been all trying desperately to fix the problem. I mean, my God, I´ve just spent the last year working 7 days a week and we were just getting of the ground and he losses all our clients´ money and 1 week later says – I´m done with this. Now, I start to see things from out biggest investors perspective and call XXX to let him know what just happened.

11-12-04 – Vegas-Runner comes to my house with the signed statement and has an earful for me saying – I want the names of all ASN clients´ names and addresses. I call our biggest investor and I explain what just happened since last we spoke and he told me he just spoke to his attorney and the situation is that Ace embezzled the money from ASN.

So now Vegas-Runner has “lost” all the clients money and want to walk away not having anything to do with his two partners in ASN,,,,WOW what a scumbag.

Vegas-Runner´s partner send him a mail asking “why do you want the names and addresses of all ASN clients he just “lost” all that money for.

Vegas-Runner like the angry little scumbag he is replies with his normal angry threatening bullshit:

“Don´t expect me to sit still like a bitch and let everyone stick it to me. Believe me, I made arrangements so give it your best shot.And I said I don´t have anyone´s money so they can come try what they want,make a move, I got back-up”

Vegas-Runner must have seen the godfather a few to many times. :)

The poor little bastard living in his shoebox house that “lost” all the money and did not have any money himself to use for the ace sports network or even get a loan now have BACK UP. A 250k loan among REAL SUCCESSFUL gamblers are done with a handshake but Vegas-Runner doesn´t belong to that group of people off course even if that is what he tries to make people believe. This guy is such a bull shit artist he believes in his own BS if you don´t have 250k after claiming to be a very successful bettor for 15 years you SUCK and if you cant get a 250k loan that mean nobody want to invest in you cause you SUCK.

In the end vegas-runner´s partner would honor ASN clients initial investments because it is the right thing to do even if he WAS NOT the one that “lost” their money.


Ok, now we are between the ace sports network scam and him showing up on pregame so what did Mr. Con Man do then you ask?

Well his dream of not having to make money like an honest person did not die with ASN. No con man ever wants to make honest money, their job is to FOOL people to believe things that are NOT TRUE.

He could no longer risk just ripping people off like having money just “vanish”, cause sooner or later his greek ass will get dealt with. So his next “scam” was to become a tout just like the other conmen out there selling a pipedream to all the suckers who don´t understand better.

This way he would still take peoples money without risking his own money (like he has any) and not risk getting dealt with. If all these other losers can fool people to buy their worthless picks why can´t I do the same?? Hmmm all I need is to build a rep and I am golden.

How can I build a rep being the scumbag conman I am?? Why not post picks on gambling forums and HOPE I get on a LUCKY streak and then all these squares will think I am good and then I turn tout. If I add a lot of bullshit stories that anyone can come up with, these squares will buy it hook line and sinker and think I am a real sharp.

Since Vegas-Runner could no longer use the “ACE” name risking people would still remember him from the acesportsnetwork scam, he put his giant EGO to work and came up with the name THE PICKS PRODIGY, thesportspro and IT’S A LOCK on the RX and EOG. Can you believe this scumbag he sure thinks highly about himself.

So he started to post picks on different forums and getting chased off one forum after the other for being a lying loudmouth dirt bag. Every pick was a LOCK and he guaranteed to win and anyone that did not agree with him got the typical vegas-runner “if you don´t know who the picks prodigy is your not a serious bettor”. So now the world was expected to know who the picks prodigy was a name he gave himself as the arrogant egomaniac he is.

You can still find some of his old posts online like on EOG, RX and other where he forgot to delete his accounts. This whole post picks to get a good rep backfired big time on Vegas-Runner since people were just chasing him off for being a scumbag so. No con man gave up that easy and the dream of making money off other people that can´t smell the bullshit was still alive.


After the ASN scam and failing to build a rep posting on forums, he realised he needed to get his foot into a site where the site will TOUT him hard and sell the BULLSHIT story to their members. For this to work, the website must have a forum where he can post and draw all of these “suckers” in with his bullshit.

A tout site with a forum is the perfect setup since now you can get people to come to your site and use the forum and sooner or later these people will buy a pick here and there. You can also use the forum to LIE and do pretty much anything to make people buy your crap.

The site owner who makes money from the tout must off course accepts that touts LIE and bullshit even if they try to make it look like they want to be different and run an honest site in a dirty business… Yeah, right.


So in late 2007 Vegas-Runner shows up on pregame now under the name VEGAS RUNNER STEAMPLAYS first, then only VEGAS RUNNER.

The picks prodigy name was not a good idea to use since it would be too risky having people remembering him as the arrogant loudmouth lying loser from all the forums. His new name instead became vegas-runner with all the BS that comes with it and pregame touted him as something never seen before.

A real big time successful sharp bettor would be willing to share his picks with the square public. THAT WAS OFF COURSE A LIE!!!!! Lying is the norm, so nothing strange with all this mega hype. They managed to fool A LOT of people and he quickly had a flock of blind sheeps following him and kissing his ass daily in his thread.

What made the scam so successful was his LUCKY streak when he turned tout and won a lot in January 2008. People could not be more fooled into thinking they had found the holy grail and easy money. Just buy his picks bet it and you´re set to make easy money from your home.


After January Vegas-Runner and pregame´s marketing team saw a chance to get even more customers by trying to get those that did not like the volume style of betting. You see, Vegas-Runner was betting over 10 game most days and a lot of people did not like that. So to again make the members feel they are part of “the team” they have a contest where forum members could come up with a name for this new more selective service.

The idea was to take the strongest bet/bets of the day and sell them in a package for those that did not want to pay for all picks. Very good idea IF VEGAS-RUNNER REALLY KNEW HOW TO DETERMINE WHAT IS A STRONG OR WEAKER PICK WHICH HE DOESN´T. He is a BIG LOSER for over 2.5 YEARS on his big 3*-5* plays.


Smoking aces became the name of these best bets that you now could buy by them self, if you did not want to pay for all picks. So now after that great January, people could buy either the *********** package and get all picks or the cheaper smoking aces package to only get the best of the best…yeah right.

The LUCKY streak he was on in January ended and in February he lost HUGE so all profit from January was gone and all the people that jumped on after January got crushed losing over 70 units. DON´T PANIC as all good conmen there was a way to calm people pissed for losing so much in February.

1. If you did not join on January 1, I can´t help that you missed that winning month and only got the bad February you must think long term said Vegas-Runner.

2. I will get even more selective so don´t worry guys and here is the smart “scam” he changed the name on his selective service from SMOKING ACES to HEAVY HITTERS.

By changing the name on the package he had like by magic made 70 units of losses VANISHED (he is good at making things vanish, remember the money that vanished??)

Now he could start over with heavy hitters and those that were already 70 units in the hole were not his problem. He did not get any more selective either so the name change was simply a trick to get rid of all those units lost!!!

After making such a big deal with a contest and all to name his service, it only lasted for 1 month before they needed to change it to cover up the losses. You never heard the name “smoking aces” again.

You see, when you are a PATHETIC LOSER like vegas-runner, you always need to change things up since you suck long term. Come up with new names on picks like “late steam”, “early steam”… Or why not INVENT a whole new person and call him Bookie Bill??? It is no coincidence that this phantom bookiebill showed up when he did.

Vegas-Runner had just had a bad losing streak and AGAIN needed to change things up, but this time he went one step further and invented a whole person. Maybe he got the idea from the invented person Stan “the fake phantom” Sharp!

Is it not nice when you can just change a name and losses vanish or change your own “nickname” and think nobody will know what a lowlife scum you are?

So how did the rest of his first year on pregame go you ask??

Well he had some winning (lucky) streaks and some losing streaks and started using yet another scam some touts use. POSTING BULLSHIT LINES!!!! Sneaking in a bullshit line here and there, forcing the customer to either buy points or bet the REAL line and hope for the best.

When people complain he post lines that moved several hours before he posted his picks he has another very smart way to fool people. He then just say OUR BETS GET RESPECT SO YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY THE LINE MOVE IT SHOWS WE ARE SHARP! YEAH RIGHT.

His other favorite excuse is YOU NEED TO USE MORE THEN ONE BOOK. Well most people use many books today and also line services, so it is very easy to see that if 9 out of 10 books moved the line hours before he posted it and the only book (if any) still having his posted line, is some small slow/non paying scumbag book how much use is that to a customer?

As a customer you would have to buy points or hope for the best on hundreds of his picks posted with BS lines. Pregame off course try to cover this up by claiming a tout can’t post a line that is not really out there. Well this is also just bullshit as it is very easy to see how they post fake lines.

This was something he did on most picks in the 2008/2009 football season and still he lost over 90 units for the football season. Customers off course lost even more since they had to buy points on a lot of bets.

Overall for 2008 he only won 15 units and remember, customers did not even get those pathetic results since they lost a lot of extra vig buying points OR lost close games that he pushed/won with his fake lines if they did not buy points. A customer paying for his picks had a LOSING YEAR!!!!!!

If you bet only $100 per unit, you would had bet over $802.000 and not even made 1 cent in profit! Hell, with the price of his picks and real lines, you would had lost about $7000 for 2008 as a paying customer betting $100 per unit.

At the start of 2008 Vegas-Runner also posted a blueprint for his customer on how to bet using a 10k starting bank and betting $100 per units. If you did not understand it by now, Vegas-Runner is a mega square conman. Following his so called sharp way of doing things he would have customers risking over 50% of their bankroll a lot of days. As that was not bad enough you would also have lost your whole bankroll following his STUPID advice!!!

So how did VR/PREGAME tout him after that first PATHETIC year???

“We had a winning year grinding out a profit and now move on to 2009.” Even if a customer would had won 15 units for 2008, which was impossible, that would still SUCK. Winning 1500 after betting almost a MILLION is not winning, that is SUCKING pure and simple. Remember his speech about thinking LONG TERM after that horrible FEBRUARY??? Well LONG TERM, VEGAS-RUNNER IS A LOSER, but he doesn´t like talking about that.

So, in his first year at pregame he basically SUCKED and learned how to use some old school tout tricks like posting fake lines, changing names if you lost big and just outright lying.


After sucking in 2008 and losing most of the customers after one of the worst football seasons in TOUT HISTORY it was time for 2009.

So how did 2009 start?? Well losing in January and customers losing even more then he claim, because now Vegas-Runner have really started using the fake line BS A LOT and just in January the difference between his claims losses and the REALITY was about 20 units!!

This was basically the story of the first 6 months of 2009 losing and winning with NO LONG TERM RESULTS. 3 months into the MLB season he already started touting the coming football season hard and also how the second half of MLB is always the best.

Well he ended the 2009 MLB season with a 5 month losing streak, if you can call SUCKING a streak. We all know football is the real moneymaker for touts, since more squares bet on football then any other sport and those guys love buying picks. The hype before the 2009/2010 football season was big and how did it start?? Well, he lost over 34 units just in the NFL preseason!!!

This was also the time he started lying more then ever before and using The Sports Monitor to help in his scam. If you tell people you are monitored, a lot of people actually believe that crap and think the records are honest, not knowing it is all part of the scam. You see, the monitor doesn´t even post LOSING records so when touts LOSE they don´t show up in any records. Is that not nice how again losses vanish??? You see a TREND here???


Well, the football season started horrible and he lost over 34 units in the NFL preseason. This off course you never heard anything about for the rest of the season. The rule on pregame is that LYING touts should be banned, yet they let Vegas-Runner lie all he wants.

Pretty much every day you could read in his daily thread how much damage he was doing in football, BUT the TRUTH was that he was in the RED from week one of preseason. HE never recovered the big losses from the preseason. So while he was trying to get out of the hole the whole season, you could read he was crushing the football…a clear LIE which should have got him banned!!

He is still a HUGE LOSER in football since coming to pregame but don´t expect to hear about that in the coming weeks as he start hyping himself to fool a lot of new customers to join him.

Pregame market him as the #2 winner in NFL for the 2009/2010 season and that is off course a LIE. He lost over 34 units in the preseason and then he won that back slowly over the regular season and playoff ending winning just a few units,,about 3 bets worth of profit.

In college football on the other hand he had a LOSING season that lost more then the pathetic tiny profit from NFL, so overall he was again a LOSER. He lost when he came to pregame during the 2007/2008 football season, then he had a horrible 2008/2009 season losing close to 100 units betting mostly 2* per bet and then he lost in the 2009/2010 season again.

None of this you will ever hear about on pregame off course and Vegas-Runner actually markets himself as a winner for the 2009/2010 college football season. In fact he claim he had a very good season in his “bullshit gazette” also known as his “morning newsletter”.

You see, he can no longer post too much lies and bullshit in the open on the forum, because too many people can read it and call him out on all the LIES. Now, he instead spread his lies and made up stories in a paid daily newsletter.


Like the lying was not bad enough already, it got even worse when the NBA season started. I guess after sucking for so long and losing all the ass kissers, getting hardly any views or posts in his daily thread, he did what most touts do. He realized that the day of having long term customers was long gone since he SUCKS and LIES so much, nobody but the biggest of idiots would stay with him long term.

Not having a bunch of long term customers keeping him honest, he could no focus on the short term customers instead. This means LYING like crazy to hype your self and fool people into buying daily packages, since they have no clue about his losing long term results, they buy into the “hype of the day”. So, somehow he managed to get The Sports Monitor to start posting FAKE RECORDS FOR HIM from the start of the NBA season.

This is a very easy SCAM to expose, if people just paid attention. All you have to do is keep a correct record of his picks and then each week you compare it to the updates the monitor post.

This basketball season he (with all the fake lines posted) won in NBA 27 units and in college basketball 11 units. Remember the fake line problem??? Well the REAL record for NBA was +4.85 units and in college basketball the customer LOST -4.3 units. IF you looked at the monitor, you would off course think he killed both NBA and college basketball for the season, since they have FAKE RECORDS posted there!!!

When people called him/Pregame out on the issue of FAKE RECORDS, he defended himself saying that those monitored records are a contest, it not really meant to be a record of what you get as a paying customer. Holy shit, so he use records that have nothing to do with what his paying customers will get if they PAY for his picks, thinking he is a winner since they have seen those FAKE records at the monitor! This guy sure knows how to cover his own ass.

Just like he rate all picks for the same unit size at the monitor, but he sells picks with different ratings. So a 2-1 day when he lose a 4* and win two 2* mean a REAL LIFE CUSTOMER had a losing day while at the fake monitor it looks like he had a winning day.

When customers complain, pregame off course do everything to cover it up by claiming people are bashing Vegas-Runner or made a mistake in their record keeping or whatever they can come up with. The favorite is for pregame to say anyone that tells the TRUTH has some hidden agenda against Vegas-Runner or Pregame. The real TRUTH is only Vegas-Runner/PREGAME has a hidden agenda and that is to lie as much as possible and make sales. Most of you might not know RJ BELL, was himself a wannabe tout back in the day, selling picks at who2beton for example and was off course a LOSER. So it is no coincidence that all this lying is going on at pregame since the bosses are no better then the touts they hype.

Again a trend is seen of LIES and BULLSHIT tactics use to first LIE, then cover it up when a customer complain about it. So while Vegas-Runner claims a great basketball season, the truth is as a PAYING customer you would had been around break even for the season and off course, LOST when you factor in the cost of his bullshit picks.


If you thought the lying and scamming was bad during the basketball season, that was nothing compared to this MLB season. Since only a few people complained over his fake basketball claims, he saw the chance to really step up the lying. After a winning 2008 MLB season and then making not even 1 unit of profit for the 2009 season, he had to LIE to make sure he could claim a winning 2010 season.

Not only to make it seem like he is a winner in MLB but also to build some HYPE that he can carry into the football season and fool all those clueless people out there to buy his football picks. To back up his lies, he again turned to The Sports Monitor. Pretty much since the start of this MLB season Vegas-Runner and Pregame are touting him as a big winner but that is a LIE.

As of August 19 he is -9.10 units for the season in MLB.

To expose this scam all you have to do is check The Sports Monitor each week and compare their FAKE CLAIMS against what his REAL results are.

Most weeks they try to only sneak in a couple of FAKE winners to not draw too much attention to the scam, but some weeks they just can´t help them self and this was a perfect week to show what a FRAUD Vegas-Runner and his so called monitored record is:

Monday 5/31 to Sunday 6/6

The monitor claim a FAKE 18-10 week for vegas-runner in MLB.

The REAL record for the week was 9-10 -4.05 units

So they ADDED NINE FAKE WINNERS and turned a losing week into a great week.

That takes some balls and hope of nobody finding out and lucky for Vegas-Runner most people simply don´t pay attention and just believe all the bullshit. Those few that call him out on it are banned or in other ways bashed for having some hidden agenda when the TRUTH is only Vegas-Runner and pregame have a shady agenda and that is to LIE and make sales. He also have been known to post on forums under different names trying to hype up the Vegas-Runner brand which is all most worst then just making fake claims.

So, now you know he is a fraud, a con man and overall lowlife scumbag and you can´t trust one word or the claims he make because they are all FAKE. His daily update record on the tout page is another good example of how he lies and if you pay attention to all of the things pointed out in this little VEGAS RUNNER – THE FRAUD/SCAM EXPOSE, you will quickly realise what kind of con man he is.

Don´t waste your hard earned money on a lowlife like Vegas-Runner. If you have to buy picks there are other cappers out there that hardly ever hype but just win. In 2.5 years Vegas-Runner has not made 1 cent of profit for a paying customer, even pregame are working hard to make you believe that.

A $100 per unit bettor buying Vegas-Runner´s picks would have bet over 1.48 MILLION over 2.5 years with nothing to show for it. If you only had bet his big 3*-5* plays you would be losing even more then if you bet all his plays. You see, Vegas-Runner doesn´t have the skills to know what is strong and what is weak, so his big plays are doing even worse then his small plays.

The opposite of Vegas-Runner who is all hype, lies and slick talking with ZERO RESULTS would be a guy like GoodFella that grind out a nice long term profit and never hype him self. Be careful trusting claims made not just by the touts, but the sites that sell the picks to.

Evan Altemus is marketed as a football specialist right now on pregame and that is just INSANE. Before becoming a tout on pregame, he sold picks on other sites and the 2 football seasons before selling at pregame he did not even win 53%. Then on pregame his 2009/2010 football season ended at -80 UNITS!!!

Go to pregame and all you will see is hype about a good run he had, but they don’t want you to know the overall results, which was just PATHETIC losing huge in college football and just got out of the red in NFL. Then Evan followed that up with a horrible basketball season losing over 80 units on NBA and college basketball combined and yes, you guessed it right, he is losing big in MLB now to over 50 units!!

So this CLOWN has lost over 200 units over the last year and not only are pregame selling his picks but they are HYPING him again, showing pregame is all about lies, hype and making sales… the opposite of what they claim!!

So think twice about who you give your hard earned money when they all start the pre football sales hype and off course, expect Pregame and Vegas-runner to claim this expose was posted with some evil agenda when the truth is it is posted to show the REAL TRUTH.

Wake up and take the red pill!
Aug 17, 2010
Wow .
Looks like i wont be sending my football money to VR this year.

That Bookiebill non-sense started making me weary of this guy

Nov 9, 2009
Wakeuptaketheredpill- you are really on a mission as i see you have this posted on multiple sports forums.Interesting reading on the behind the scenes of it all with faked records and all. Do you think you will be able to move them off their denials position? they want the smoking gun evidence. can you do it?

New member
Apr 8, 2010
Good work Red Pill. Anyone following his plays could easily see his picks were the squarest of the square. I busted his balls one time when he released a "Futures of the Year" play on the St.Louis Cardinals to win the world series (probably won't even make the playoffs) and someone, obviously him replied instantly calling me something along the lines of a "fucking faggot." A real class act I must admit. The truth of the matter is guys like him always get theirs in the end so it's only a matter of time.
Aug 17, 2010
JB7777 I totally agree with you 100000%

Those guys on that site are so slimy and if you dare critique one of there cappers for posting fraudulent records they ban you instantly

New member
Jun 2, 2006
Good work Red Pill. Anyone following his plays could easily see his picks were the squarest of the square. I busted his balls one time when he released a "Futures of the Year" play on the St.Louis Cardinals to win the world series (probably won't even make the playoffs) and someone, obviously him replied instantly calling me something along the lines of a "fucking faggot." A real class act I must admit. The truth of the matter is guys like him always get theirs in the end so it's only a matter of time.

I've seen guys like this first hand get beat downs so bad that would make Jack Bauer blush.

Stay on it Pill.

New member
Nov 10, 2009
I always thought that Bookie Bill garbage was a bunch of crap after that one day last football season when Pregame's internet service was down and Bookie Bill was unable to post to Twitter. When Pregame was back up there was Bookie Bill again posting his Tweets. Quite a coincidence there.

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