The Mark's Picks for 11/8



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Sep 21, 2004
Already lost like just about everybody on the Cocks who apparently were not UP to the task. The game was over PREMATURELY. OK, I'm done.

23-25 YTD (-450) Ouch

Kansas (+18)
Mississippi State (+10.5)
Texas A&M (+31)
Oregon (+1.5)

Some unpopular picks based on the other posts that I've read.

Nebraska is not road tested this year and in their 2 road conf. losses they were handled easily. I know Kansas has come back to earth a little bit after a promising start, but they've still put up a lot of points lately with the exception of the K-State game.

I think Alabama has proven that they shouldn't be double digit favorites on the road against anyone. This is Miss St. last chance for a win (they're not going to win @Tenn, @Ark, or Miss.) I think they will play hard for Sherrill in what could be the last win of his coaching career.

We all know Oklahoma is not going to lose a big game all year. They are just too focused, too well coached, and flat out too good for everyone. The only chance they can be beaten is if a hugely inferior opponent can sneak up on them. NO, I'M NOT PICKING AN A&M UPSET! But 31 points is just too tempting, and after last week's huge revenge blowout against Okla. St., I think the Sooner's may be down just a notch. I'm probably wrong though.

I have no idea why Oregon is a dog at Autzen Stadium. I know they've been blown out by some mediocre teams this year, but they're still night and day at home vs. the road. Cal has made great strides this year but they are still too inconsistent for them to be favored here. With the exception of that 9 turnover game at home vs. Wash St, the Ducks have been strong at home all year. The only way to save their season is to win here, and I like it especially with it being a home night game.

Oh one more thing, I thought the Cocks had more of a PENETRATING defense.

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