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Sep 20, 2004
Hi!Phil Steele back with you after another shaky week.As you know the Texas AM line determined if you had a successful week.Of course,if you play at Millennium, then you got the line at -12.Speaking of Millennium,they have a special offer that is only available to Northcoast customers.Current Millennium players will receive a 30% bonus when they re-up their accounts.(And you more than likely have been re-upping every week if you have been playing my selections)New customers will receive a 200% sign-up bonus(200% is a lot but after a month of playing my college selections,you will wonder why the bonus wasn't 2000%).Help fund my retirement and call Millennium today!

Once again, it's time for multiple choice.

1)Northcoast is
a)a football only service that can't pick winners, even when the other
services are focusing on basketball.
b)where I will relocate when my service folds in Ohio.

2)The image that most likely comes to mind when you bet on Northcoast late
phone selections.
a)Rifling through your drug dealing son's room for cash.
b)Carting your wife's jewelry to the pawn shop.
c)Bending over for soap in a Turkish prison.

3)Which event(s) will definitely occur before I win my top weekly college
a)Haley's Comet
b)Hell freezes over
c)World Wars III,IV,V,and VI.

Boy,I love multiple choice. It keeps the mind sharp! Anyway,on to the games!This week,in an unprecedented move,I am going to release 2 sets of selections.You choose how to lose!

Option A-This is for my followers who don't want to delay the agony. For your convenience,I have selected all 12:00 EST games-this way you won't have your money slowly bled from you over the course of the day-you can lose it all at once! Once the dust settles at 2:00,you can take Junior's car keys to your local man and still be home in time for a nice Spam dinner with your family!

4*Kentucky-Yes.I know they are not playing,but it's the only way not to lose
the top weekly selection.
4*Indiana- No one cares about this game.Hopefully,you won't care when you lose.
3*BC - The initials remind me of a time when I used to win

3*Wisky - I drink a lot these days.
3*Texas AM-They will probably lose 41-10,but Millennium will have the line at
31 when others have it at 30 1/2.At this point, I am all about
moral victories.

Option B-This option is for my more adventurous clients who don't mind chasing their losses.The games are spaced out so you can double up after each loss.One thing though,when you are 0-4 at 10:00,you better hope the last game is not the top weekly selection.

4*Northwestern-Penn State players are pissed that Joe is coming back.
3*Notre Dame-'Till death do us part.
3*Nebraska-The things I would do to Frank Solich.

3*Texas-Any team that can beat Nebraska is an automatic selection.
4*Oregon-Don't worry. The season is almost over.

Good luck!And remember,if these games don't drain Junior's college fund,call a Northcoast full service line and get the free picks.That will take care of it.


And thats why they play the game.
Sep 26, 2002
Hi Phil,

Excellent write up again. You are a marketing genius.

I was wondering if you could help me loose some money before Saturday. maybe your thoughts on the Arkansas game tonight? Based on your past plays, I believe you will be all over the Hoggs tonight, but I justed wanted to check with you first, you know before I dig into the poor little guys piggy bank again.

Thanks for the help Phil.


Sep 20, 2004
I got a kick out of this weeks PowerSweep how he reminded everyone of his 5* winner back in 1983 on Wash. over AZ. I think he is on TILT!!!!

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