Boxing Betting – Jones Jr. To Punish Lacy


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Sep 21, 2004
Most boxing betting handicappers were expecting to eventually see what happens when a mixed martial arts event is pinned up against a boxing main event and we’ll get a taste on Saturday.

The real head-to-head matchup will come on September 19th, when Floyd Mayweather-Juan Manuel Marquez will fall on the exact same night as UFC 103 (Rich Franklin vs Vitor Belfort).

This Saturday, on August 15th, Roy Jones Jr. vs Jeff Lacy will compete with Strikeforce, which will be hosting their first ever women’s card main event.

The online betting Jones Jr. vs Lacy odds will probably take precedence because Strikeforce isn’t the household name that UFC is and their biggest start the main event, Gina Carano, isn’t as much of a brand name as Jones Jr.

Jones Jr. is and always will be a legend in the sports of boxing but he’s clearly not the fighter he once was. Back in his prime, Jones Jr. was the unquestionable pound-for-pound best fighter in the sport. At one point, he even jumped up all the way to heavyweight and still won a fight against John Ruiz.

But nowadays, at the age of 40, Jones Jr. is just a legend that can’t leave the sport. Nobody ever wants to see him stick around for one fight too many and take a life-altering hit and he shouldn’t be at risk of that with Jeff Lacy.

It’s pretty clear that Jones Jr. doesn’t have the uncanny reflexes he once had and his power has waned as well, but I’m betting management knows that he can still put on a show on they would keep running him out there.

Jones Jr. dressed up as Captain Hook (to parody the fact that this fight will be a battle of two fighters who throw a lot of hooks) at the press conference and obviously he still knows how to promote. And while his skills have deteriorated, he still knows how to box.

Lacy is a mediocre fighter who has had his face handed to him against anyone decent. Against Joe Calzaghe and Jermain Taylor, Lacy didn’t have any chance to win the fight.

Lacy has lost significant power in his punches since he suffered a shoulder injury in 2006 and that leaves him shorthanded for this fight. It’s unlikely he’ll be able to outbox Jones Jr., which means he’ll need to hit a lucky home-run shot.

Jones Jr. is a huge favorite but he’s the sports betting pick here. Even though he’s past his prime, Lacy isn’t a match for Jones Jr.

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