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Dec 2, 2008
Bluffing - How to pull the trigger


This is one of the most important things that the very best players seem to be able to do over and over again.

'Pulling the trigger' simply refers to being prepared to fire numerous streets with nothing against any opponent that you feel is weak. This is often an extremely hard thing to do, especially late in tournaments, or when up against players whom you know to be extremely dangerous and skilled.

The hallmark of all the greatest 'big bet' (simply referring to either pot limit or no limit games - due to the size of the bets it is possible to make) poker players is the ability and courage to not only pick up on the situations when firing multiple bullets at a pot will win it, but also to have the courage to follow with their instincts and really put their opponents to the test. Always remember that big bet poker is as much a test of courage as of anything else - you simply have to be prepared to go out on a limb sometimes and really put pressure on your opponents.

Some of the best examples of this can be seen when watching skilled players late in tournaments. With stack sizes so short relative to the blinds, a player will often have to risk everything in the pursuit of chips. Here picking up on any weakness or loathing to call big bets from the players around you must be identified and capitalised on - even if you are risking your tournament life to do so.

Doyle Brunson made an excellent analysis of this point in his great book Super System. He constantly talked about the importance of not only being able to pull the trigger and fire bets into numerous streets against weaker players, but also of the importance of creating a sense of fear and loathing to call big bets in your opponents - consistently letting them know that any pot that they enter with you may well be their last.
The very best big bet poker players are akin to the special forces in the military. They are extremely aggressive and daring, but only in situations where they feel that the risk has a good chance of winning. This is a very instinctual ability, and one which can only really be perfected through experience and play. Get out to the tables, pick up on weakness and be prepared to die by the sword that you have to live by in all big bet games.

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