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Dec 2, 2008
Hi guys:

Just a reminder you can bet in play on every single game. I've linked to some December 26th odds markets today with some good early liquidity (these prices will change as the games progress - I'm told that there will be alot of our Swedish, Finnish and Eastern European customers betting on IIHF this year so some good opps in play for Canadians to make some cash)

1. Canada/Czech .5 goal Puckline with a Tie
2. Finland/Sweden O/U 5.5
3. Finland/Sweden .5 goal Puckline with a Tie
4. Germany/USA

1. Remember, you can bet on a team just like you normally would at ANY OTHER BOOKIE. Simply un-tick the 'Back & Lay' and 'Market Depth' options to get the odds in decimal (see here for a US decimal odds conversion table.

At this particular moment in time (odds change in real time.), you can bet on:
-Finland to Win at 5.5 (+450) in 60 minutes
-Sweden to Win at 1.53 (-190) in 60 minutes
-Tie at 5.9 (+490) in 60 minutes

View attachment 6087

2. By ticking the market depth option, you can find out how much is available to bet at those odds (these are all of the unmatched bets placed on the exchange by others).

So it looks like there is £563 (Canadian accounts show $$) available to bet on Sweden.

View attachment 6089

3. If you tick the Back and Lay box, you will now see the other side of the side market. This is where you have the ability to become the bookie and accept a bet from somebody else. All of the odds and the amounts which are available are now reversed.

So if you 'Lay' Sweden for $100 (You are betting AGAINST Sweden to win.):
-If you win (FINLAND WINS OR a TIE in 60mins), your profit is the 'Backer's Stake' of $100.00.
-The amount you stand to lose is the 'Total Liability' of $54.00. )

View attachment 6088

4. Tick the Market Depth box again to give you the full view of the entire market. That's all the money available on both sides of the market.

View attachment 6090


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Jul 20, 2002
Maybe you could think of posting a handicap line. Right now Canada-0.5 (60 minute, 3 way action) is 1.01 against Kazakhstan and I can't see it going to more than 1.03 if that, which makes it not worthwhile playing.

If you put up a handicap line the day before then you might expect more action. Just a thought.

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Dec 2, 2008
You can set your own odds and your own market

Hi Woody:

Thanks for that...

Not sure if you have ever played with us b4 (apologies if you know this already) but:

1. Since we are an exchange and not a bookie, you can go ahead and put up your own odds and wait for it to be matched by someone, somewhere in the world...I'm not sure if anybody in the world would EVER take Kazakhistan?!

2. You can phone Betfair up and set up your own betting market, put some money up and wait for someone to bet the other side.


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