Hottest Service for the last month ANYWHERE!



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Feb 4, 2019
My customers are enjoying a mind blowing BEST BET and NHL season.

Best Bets = 102 - 64 +159.90*

NHL Totals = 28-8 +70.40* on my daily Totals sheet.

NHL Totals = 49-24 +78.90* On my NHL Sheet.

My service is by far the lowest priced anywhere. Yeah customers purchased different packages and then asked for a one price for an All-Exclusive Deal and everyone hooked onto that deal. Yeah in the past emails surfaced about me , that's when i was working for touts as their text service. I decided to end that as I would always get the bad texts when those touts lost. I have my own service that is killing bookmakers from the left coast to the right coast and offshore. These #'s are spot on as I email and or text over 270 customers every damn morning with updated results and records. I did make 2 mistakes in updating but guess what they BOTH were against me where iI cheated myself not the customer and quickly was notified. So if you want to join short-term or long-term with the winningest service anywhere in the world just email me at . My customers Christmas and all their bills are being paid by their sportsbook. Why can't yours be too? There is some guy on this site who claims he paid and never got my service. TOTAL LIE! Checked paypal he said he would purchase but never did. There will always be scumbags out there and I am sure I will be called one again but hey draw your own conclusions, Be happy. Haters are a dime a dozen, join my winning customers. When I started out I expected maybe 10-15 customers from this site, but got over 200 immediately from here. Recently signed on 2 Whales 2 weeks ago who supposedly bet 100k a game as they got wind of my #'s and had someone look me up. Since then they are 11-3 in my Best Bets and 12-2 in my NHL. they said my Christmas bonus will be huge if I keep this up.


Apr 12, 2020
Stellar run Street. I feel like Ray Liotta in his prime on Goodfellas.
The Wife is getting a diamonds and a stack of cash and Santa is going to spoil my daughter.


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