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  1. dacoochiebets

    DaCoochieBets Favorite CBB Bet for Tuesday, Dec. 6th

    Wagner vs Fordham Wagner +9.5 - 110 This is a big spread being put up on this game in my estimation, for a variety of reasons, the first of which is the fact that Wagner’s pace is really quite slow. They rank outside of the top 100 in terms of possessions per game, and what this does is at the...
  2. dacoochiebets

    #BankrollBuilderProject By DaCoochie

    Starting up a new little project in which I look to grow an initial investment of 250$ ---- 2500$ in an effort to expedite the process of buying my lovely girlfriend a beautiful engagement ring. All the details for the project are available in the linked tweet above, as well as in my daily...
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