war machine

  1. barman

    This Week In Memoriam - Aug 22, 2010

    THIS WEEK IN MEMORIAM - Aug 22, 2010 http://crooksandliars.com/nicole-belle/week-memoriam-79 his Week with Christiane Amanpour marks the passings of baseball legend Bobby Thomson, conservative television commentator James J Kilpatrick, bagpiper Bill Millen. In addition, the Pentagon has...
  2. barman

    Gen Petraeus To Begin Renewed Call For Slaughter of Americans in Afghanistan

    Gen. David Petraeus Media Blitz Planned With popular support for America's involvement in the war in Afghanistan at a record low, word comes that Gen. David Petraeus will launch a media blitz to shore up public confidence in the war over which he recently assumed command. On Sunday, NBC...
  3. barman

    WikiLeaks: "We Will Keep Publishing Documents"

    WikiLeaks Interview: 'We Will Keep Publishing Documents' BERLIN — The online whistle-blower WikiLeaks said it will continue to publish more secret files from governments around the world despite U.S. demands to cancel plans to release classified military documents. "I can assure you that...
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