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  1. Las Vegas Hilton 2011 Superbowl Preview w/ Jay Kornegay

    QuadJacks sits down with Jay Kornegay, Sportsbook director of the Las Vegas Hilton, to discuss the upcoming 2011 Superbowl, and its numerous prop bets for which the Hilton has become famous!

    Betfair NFL Betting: Super Bowl 2010 odds.

    NFL Betting: Super Bowl 2010 It may seem a little early to be talking about next years Super Bowl, but Betfair have whetted our appetites by putting up the 2010 Super Bowl Winner market up today. Money is already starting to get matched, but is there any value in making an early...

    Super Bowl Blog: ' Trust me - I'm working on a Playboy ticket (Betfair)

    Super Bowl Blog: ' Trust me - I'm working on a Playboy ticket' By Nick S. for the Betfair Blog Click here to view market The sun is shining, the celebs are arriving, the steaks are to die for and an invite to Hefner's house might yet be forthcoming... Nick Shiambouros of the Betfair...
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    Super Bowl Savings at

    Super Bowl Savings!! Deposit $500 or More and You Get: 20% Cash Bonus up to $200! Bet The Super Bowl Free...No Juice At All. 1 $25 Super Bowl Prop Free-Play. Super Bowl Savings Details and Restrictions: 1-Valid For all accounts. 2-8x rollover on "sports wagers only" required before...