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    Betfair Release Odds for November Nine. Bluff Magazine article...

    Betfair Poker Pros destroy Card stacking stunt at WSOP in Vegas

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    Picking off desperation bluffs (By

    Picking off desperation bluffs By One of the key leaks in weak players games is that they bluff for very obvious reasons. The most obvious of these is desperation, usually in situations where their hand has missed and the only real option that they have to win the hand...

    Annette Obrestad wins Ultimate Bet’s $100,000 Guaranteed (By

    Annette Obrestad wins Ultimate Bet’s $100,000 Guaranteed By By Maria Del Mar for POKER NEWS DAILY | Annette Obrestad, known as Annette_15 on the online poker felts, came out on top of more than 200 players to win Ultimate Bet’s...

    Betfairpoker Canada Christmas Specials (By

  6. When to tap the glass. (By

    When to tap the glass. By Although for the most part you hardly ever want to tell bad players how bad they really are, occasionally it is profitable and correct to try and get under the skin of bad players through berating them. A great example of this comes from <a...
  7. Canadian-sponsored Betfair pro, Sorel Mizzi lands 1st live event

    By Betfair pro Sorel Mizzi has done what he has been threatening to do since turning professional last year - win a major live poker tournament. Earlier this week, the 22-year-old beat a 135-player field in Event #5 ($3,000 No Limit Hold'em) of the Five Diamond World Poker...
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