1. g4991b26

    Help Hedging a Parlay

    I really need assistance/guidance with hedging my bet. I am a beginner in sports betting, so do not know the best way to hedge this bet. Here is the scenario: I have a $10 nine (9) team parlay that pays $1,071.60 So far, I have 5/9 bets that have won Last 4 games/bets remaining are the...
  2. 300+% Gains in 3 weeks, Picks everyday, Please Trail

    Been building an algorithm to find mispriced bets and devise a portfolio allocation method for these bets, returned on average 6+% a day for 22 days for a total of 300+%, life is about sharing and giving to others, so that’s what I want to do. We have NBA/NFL/EPL/etc picks EVERYDAY The link...
  3. RedAlertWagers

    (Nov 29) Tonight The Mac has a Exclusive CBB Hush Money (IOWA +3.5 vs SAN DIEGO STATE -3.5)

    (Nov 29) Tonight The Mac has a Exclusive CBB Hush Money (IOWA +3.5 vs SAN DIEGO STATE -3.5) Red The Red Report - HERE Daily Free MAC ATTACK Plays below! Join Patreon for The MACS Premium Plays THE RED LINE - (Toll-Free @...
  4. Close but no cigar!
  5. Free 1 Day Trial
  6. omgbokie

    Betting - mathematical approach

    A mathematical theory is not to be considered complete until you have made it so clear that you can explain it to the first man whom you meet on the streat. - David Hilbert (1862-1943) -
  7. Monday NHL Parlay

    Monday NHL 2-Game Parlay: Phoenix/LA Over 5, Chicago/Colorado Over 5.5 :pope:
  8. d3nv3r

    NBA Friday 3/15 - 5 Folds Parlay Bet

    NBA Friday 3/15Money Line Parlay Pacers + Heat + Raptors + Rockets + Thunder Odds: 1.97 With Kobe probably out of the game (or nursing a injured ankle if he does play) I think the Pacers win is a given. The Heat is a 6 point favorite and the three other teams are all an average of 10 point...
  9. d3nv3r

    [March Madness 2013] My CBB Parlay Bets

    2-0 yesterday ( Early games money line parlay CBB bet: NC State + Michigan + Tennessee + Richmond + Denver Odds: 2.05 gl
  10. d3nv3r

    Wednesday 3/13 CBB Parlay Bet

    Money line parlay Colorado + Colorado St, + UNLV + 'Cuse looking good so far rx0--0
  11. -tuesday parlay action-

    Boston Red Sox ML Texas Rangers ML San Francisco Giants vs. Los Angeles Dodgers Under 5½ Philadelphia Phillies ML GL To all tonight!!! * Im new to RX but just letting you in on some good pics
  12. Anyone run parlay cards?

    How many cards do you put out weekly? What are your pay-outs? What % do you pay guys that collect/turn in cards?
  13. Thoughts on my Hockey Parlay - 11/11

    Just wondering what people think of this parlay.. (Minnesota @ Atlanta) Minnesota Money Line +100 (Philadelphia @ Carolina) Carolina Money Line +100 (Tampa Bay @ Washington) Tampa Bay Money Line +175 Flyers and Caps might show up big time...but I liked these dogs.. ---------- Also sadly...
  14. Nice parlay 5/3 !!!!

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ High MIA + High DEN 2 Team MIA + DEN + High MIA + High DEN 4 Team $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  15. Week 12 MNF Parlay Play

    been waiting all day to get the line to where it's at now - and a few others. the parlay play is .... NO + 1 Under 52 2 units If separate ... NO +1 1 unit Under 52 2 units
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