1. Bane1976

    BCS Standings Are Out

  2. College Football Betting – PAC-12 Takes Spotlight With SEC Showdown Still One Week Away

    While the cost per head nation waits just one more week for the SEC showdown between the No. 1 LSU Tigers and No. 2 Alabama Crimson Tide, there are a handful of games worth watching this Saturday. With the exception of the SEC as the most dominant football conference, the PAC-12 has made...
  3. stewie21

    Stewie's Bowl GOY

    Thought I'd get this out there a week early as I have been hinting at my bowl GOY for the past few days. As for My GOYs I have done quite well in the past not losing one in the past 5 years. Last year was 2-0 alone. This is a little different than a majority of my write-ups because I was asked...
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