online betting

  1. Looking for this PPH service, does anyone know?

    I've been betting through a local bookie for couple of years now and recently decided to become a bookie myself. I'm currently using a pph service but not quite satisfied with their template and layout. I really like the one my bookie was using before but he wouldn't tell me what company or...
  2. Safety of Online Sportsbooks

    Is it really safe to be on an online sportsbook in the US with all the Government has been up to lately? I am on and I am just wondering if I should be worried about losing my account?

    Sterne matched at 999-1 on Betfair (By

    Big Betting Winners: Sterne is the latest to join Betfair's highly exclusive "1000" (999-1) club By South African is backed at the exchange's biggest price - 1000.0 - when pulling off an improbably victory to land home Open. Richard Sterne was matched at huge prices to take the...
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