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  1. dacoochiebets

    DaCoochieBets NHL Picks Thread (Post All-Star Game)

    Anaheim vs Florida Panthers TT Over 4.5 -108 Last season, Florida averaged 4.11 goals per game, so even with some meaningful overhaul to its roster in the offseason, it still would have been hard to predict the Panthers would struggle to put up offense the way they did early this season. Yes...
  2. Betfair.com

    Red Wings, Habs hope for scoring boost at home (By Betfair.com)

    by Betfair.com Find more betting tips at Betfair Canada Blog Red Wings, Habs hope for scoring boost at home The Montreal Canadiens and Detroit Red Wings haven't been playing at their customary high level lately. Could their respective hometown crowds get them back on the right track on...
  3. Betfair.com

    Bruins, Senators go hunting for road wins (By Betfair.com)

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