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  1. dacoochiebets

    DaCoochieBets NHL Picks Thread (Post All-Star Game)

    Anaheim vs Florida Panthers TT Over 4.5 -108 Last season, Florida averaged 4.11 goals per game, so even with some meaningful overhaul to its roster in the offseason, it still would have been hard to predict the Panthers would struggle to put up offense the way they did early this season. Yes...
  2. Betfair.com

    Canada v Slovakia Alt totals and Props on betfair.

    Money Line Regular Time Match Odds 1st Period Goals 1st Period Match Odds 2nd Period Goals 2nd Period Match Odds 3rd Period Goals 3rd Period Match Odds First Team to Score Slovakia +0.5 Goals Slovakia +1.5 Goals Slovakia +2.5 Goals Slovakia +4.5 Goals Under/Over 4.5 Goals Under/Over 5.5...
  3. Betfair.com

    NHL All Star Game on Betfair Can be a Trader's Dream (Brian Gold for Betfair.com)

    By Brian Gold for Betfair Canada Blog At one time the NHL all star game meant something to those involved. It was considered an honour to be named to the team and the players took it seriously. The defence and goaltending were at a prime and most games finished with the normal 5-7 goals...
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