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  1. NFL Betting Tips & Predictions

    Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers (H) SUN 1st Dec 2019 1300 UTC-5 11:30 PM IST 1.80 dsc CB fav Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Winner: Cleveland Browns Los Angeles Rams vs Arizona Cardinals (H) 1 Dec 2019 1405 UTC-7 State Farm Stadium, Glendale, AZ Winner: Los Angeles Rams
  2. Akillies

    How to win at nfl, +EV Teasers - {teaser selections 58/70 for 82.8% }

    wheel the following teams in 3team [6 pt] teasers at +180 odds hou -2.5 tenn 7.5 pit 7.5 sd -2.5 make sure to get these numbers or better
  3. Chuck Croles NFL Season picks

    Starting at 0-0 New Orleans +4 Kansas City -6.5 Buffalo/Kansas Over 40.5 Baltimore -3.5 Detroit +3 More to come Sorry, you need 300 posts to be eligible to post plays in the Tracker Room. You're welcome back at that time. Moving to NFL Forum.
  4. Odds to win the Super Bowl

    By Doug Upstone of 3DailyWinners Monday morning ventured over to one of my favorite sportsbooks and viewed what are potentially the best futures bets to make for picking the Super Bowl winner. Came to two conclusion, Buy or Save for Super Bowl props. Though New England and Atlanta were...

    Person 2 Person Betting / Person v Bookie Betting (a.k.a. Better Odds = Bigger Wins Thread)

    Hey guys: I'll be posting some of the best odds for Week 4 today. I assume the BEST odds will be on either Pinnacle or Betfair. Occasionally, Betfair don't have the best odds so I recommend shopping around for the best lines. And remember, at Betfair, even though you can bet on sports in the...

    MNF Better Odds = Bigger Wins Thread (Pinny/Betfair vs. "Square Book")

    NO/SF (CLICK TO VIEW ODDS) BET ON NO MONEYLINE Betfair $100 - YOU WIN $151 (+151) Pinnacle $100 - YOU WIN $148 (+148) Bet365 $100 - YOU WIN $142 (+142) BET ON SF MONEYLINE Betfair $100 - YOU WIN $300 (+200) Pinnacle...

    NFL Week 1 "Value Pays The Bills" Thread - Pinnacle and Betfair

    Hey: I'd like to keep this thread going every week for the guys out there who are cheap like me when it comes to betting lines and like shopping for the best odds... I'll post the Betfair and Pinny lines here pre-game to kick things off...if someone can update the thread if they find better...

    Sports on TV in Canada

    Hey Can you guys help me out with something, please? I have created a TV Guide for Canadian Sports on Scroll down to the LEFT. I was wondering if you could help me with adding some local stations that carry your city's games. So what local station carries the Canucks games...

    Betfair MNF In game thread

    8.10 p.m. The story so far... Carolina +9.5 (Matched: CAD 102,727) $2214 Available on Carolina/+9.5 at 1.84 (-119) $875 Available on Dallas/-9.5 at 2.14 (+114) Moneyline (Matched: CAD 376,804) $7423 Available on Carolina Moneyline at 4.4 (+340) $41210 Available on Dallas Moneyline at 1.27...
  10. Betonline

    NFL Survivor Contest - Think You Can Handle The Survivor Contest?

    The NFL Survivor Contest will be the hottest thing in the online betting industry this year, so don't miss out on the most fun you'll have in 2009. The rules are simple: pick one team that you think is a surefire winner, but beware: you can't use a team twice in the same season. Here's who you...
  11. Betonline Super Bowl Betting Preview

    Already thinking about the Super Bowl?! .. well .. Football Betting Super Bowl Odds - Patriots, AFC teams still favorites The Super Bowl odds...
  12. Betonline

    NFL Training Camp Preview - Who to Keep Your Eye On

    Training Camp matters - with many key coveted positions are up for grabs - all of which could impact the the regular season in a major way. We'll here's the NFL Betting preview. NFL Training Camp betting: Lots of key starting jobs up for grabs Ray Rice could be a breakout...
  13. Betonline

    Hall of Fame Game: The Bills will upset the Titans

    Hall of Fame game odds: The Buffalo Bills have more motivation to win Well the new NFL season is almost on us, so too is the betting on some of the pre-season matches. So here is the NFL Betting preview of the Hall of Fame game: While the Hall of Fame game odds are difficult...
  14. Betonline

    Football Betting - Ranking the Top 20 Wide Receivers

    NFL Fantasy Betting - Ranking the top 20 wide receivers 1. Larry Fitzgerald – Arizona Cardinals He’s the new measuring stick for receiver excellence in NFL fantasy betting. He’s big, athletic and consistent. He finds the end zone plenty, has a great quarterback throwing to him in Kurt...
  15. AFC West Future Betting - NFL Future Odds - NFL Betting

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    Betfair PS3 Super Bowl winners

    PS3 Super Bowl Draw Winners Hi RX Betfairians: Here is a link to the winners' page. Please post if a Canadian RXer won one of these. I'd like to find out. (I already recognize Sam Majors) Congrats!!! I was told that 6 Canadians won and the rest were UK. Plenty more of these to come so...

    Betfair NFL Betting: Super Bowl 2010 odds.

    NFL Betting: Super Bowl 2010 It may seem a little early to be talking about next years Super Bowl, but Betfair have whetted our appetites by putting up the 2010 Super Bowl Winner market up today. Money is already starting to get matched, but is there any value in making an early...

    Super Bowl Blog: ' Trust me - I'm working on a Playboy ticket (Betfair)

    Super Bowl Blog: ' Trust me - I'm working on a Playboy ticket' By Nick S. for the Betfair Blog Click here to view market The sun is shining, the celebs are arriving, the steaks are to die for and an invite to Hefner's house might yet be forthcoming... Nick Shiambouros of the Betfair...

    Betfair's NFL Betting: Full previews for both of Sunday's divisional games

    NFL Betting: Full previews for both of Sunday's divisional games By Click here to view market NFC east rivals NY GIants and Philadelphia Eagles get it on for the third time, while San Diego go east for a tough one against Pittsburgh. Sunday's games continue the...

    This weekend’s NFL playoff games – Where is the value? (By

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