nfl betting season

  1. Inabox

    *Inaboxs* Full 2014 NFL Season Bets Thread

    Hey everyone, I'm new to betting and plan on posting and betting on the full NFL Season, mostly every this year. I will probably end up doing a lot of bets you think are crazy, but I am open to all advice and feedback. Post away and I'll keep the thread updated every Monday, Thursday and Sunday...
  2. Akillies

    How to win at nfl, +EV Teasers - {teaser selections 58/70 for 82.8% }

    wheel the following teams in 3team [6 pt] teasers at +180 odds hou -2.5 tenn 7.5 pit 7.5 sd -2.5 make sure to get these numbers or better
  3. Chuck Croles NFL Season picks

    Starting at 0-0 New Orleans +4 Kansas City -6.5 Buffalo/Kansas Over 40.5 Baltimore -3.5 Detroit +3 More to come Sorry, you need 300 posts to be eligible to post plays in the Tracker Room. You're welcome back at that time. Moving to NFL Forum.
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