1. monsterbed75

    withdraw amounts

    I was wondering what all your strategies/ % amounts you usually withdrawl? I'm very new to making picks- just started in October, and have been withdrawling around half of my winnings each week. should I be re-thinkning this since its cutting into my bank roll growth? let me know your theories/...
  2. doyboy408


    hello everyone. im a noobie...and let the posting begin!!
  3. MORE BETS MORE MONEY - Dont Give tips! rather give True results!

    For everyone... Do you believe on having more bets gives more chances winning? Invest on as many bookies... and resort on the ones who will give you results and not just tips...
  4. How to start your own sports betting site?

    Thinking about start a off shore sports betting company. I'm wondering what are the basic things I need to start an online sorts betting company. How much money will it cost? How much will the licensing cost for different country to be able to bet from my website? Thanks for the people who...
  5. Objectively, how much should I bet on a match

    Hi, I'm starting to bet on hockey matchs and I read a lots of things in theses forums and online about money management, unit betting and things like that. A question I did not find answered anywhere is, why should I bet more on some match than on others? I calculated the value of a unit for...
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