1. Giant5611

    West Virginia vs UCF

    Good luck NCAAB WVU vs UCF Tuesday, January 23, 2024
  2. mfperro

    Kentucky vs South Carolina

    pace his 3pt NCAAB UK vs SCAR Tuesday, January 23, 2024
  3. mfperro

    Florida State vs Syracuse

    pace 3pt his NCAAB FSU vs SYR Tuesday, January 23, 2024
  4. Giant5611

    Wisconsin vs Minnesota

    Good luck NCAAB WIS vs MINN Tuesday, January 23, 2024
  5. Giant5611

    Pittsburgh vs Georgia Tech

    Good luck NCAAB PITT vs GT Tuesday, January 23, 2024
  6. Giant5611

    Ohio State vs Nebraska

    Good luck NCAAB OSU vs NEB Tuesday, January 23, 2024
  7. Giant5611

    Cincinnati vs Kansas

    Good luck NCAAB CIN vs KU Monday, January 22, 2024
  8. mfperro

    Wake Forest vs North Carolina

    pace historic 3 pt NCAAB WAKE vs UNC Monday, January 22, 2024
  9. Giant5611

    Memphis vs Tulane

    Good luck NCAAB MEM vs TULN Sunday, January 21, 2024
  10. mfperro

    Georgia State vs Georgia Southern

    Pace justoric 3 pt NCAAB GAST vs GASO Saturday, January 20, 2024
  11. mfperro

    Purdue vs Iowa

    pace historic 3 NCAAB PUR vs IOWA Saturday, January 20, 2024
  12. Giant5611

    Connecticut vs Villanova

    Good luck NCAAB CONN vs VILL Saturday, January 20, 2024
  13. Giant5611

    Purdue Fort Wayne vs Cleveland State

    Good luck NCAAB PFW vs CLEV Saturday, January 20, 2024
  14. Giant5611

    Northwestern vs Nebraska

    Good luck NCAAB NW vs NEB Saturday, January 20, 2024
  15. Giant5611

    San Diego State vs Boise State

    Good luck. NCAAB SDSU vs BSU Saturday, January 20, 2024
  16. Giant5611

    South Carolina vs Arkansas

    Good luck NCAAB SCAR vs ARK Saturday, January 20, 2024
  17. mfperro

    Creighton vs Seton Hall

    Pace historica 3 pt NCAAB CREI vs HALL Saturday, January 20, 2024
  18. mfperro

    Baylor vs Texas

    pace historical 3 point NCAAB BAY vs TEX Saturday, January 20, 2024
  19. Giant5611

    Baylor vs Texas

    Good luck. NCAAB BAY vs TEX Saturday, January 20, 2024
  20. LSUpete

    Gonzaga vs Pepperdine

    Good luck NCAAB GONZ vs PEPP Thursday, January 18, 2024
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