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  1. regina_phalange

    Costa Rica vs USA

    Costa Rica deserve a ton of credit for the way they came together during qualifying stretch. Los Ticos haven't lost a World Cup qualifier so i believe they will win this battle, Let's see if Costa Rica is going to Qatar! FIFA CRC vs USA Wednesday, March 30, 2022
  2. boomer1969

    El Salvador vs Costa Rica

    The home team come into this on the back of a 1-0 victory against Jamaica the other day. Ticos are doing a good job defending in their own third of the field. CR is my favorite for this match. FIFA ESA vs CRC Sunday, March 27, 2022
  3. thehacks

    Costa Rica vs Canada

    Costa Rica will win!! FIFA CRC vs CAN Thursday, March 24, 2022
  4. thehacks

    Costa Rica +160

    Costa Rica +160 FIFA JAM vs CRC Wednesday, February 2, 2022
  5. thehacks

    Costa Rica

    Costa Rica +250 FIFA CRC vs PAN Thursday, January 27, 2022
  6. thepickguy1

    Canada vs Costa Rica

    Canada -225 Canada is entering with momentum after winning against Panama. FIFA CAN vs CRC Friday, November 12, 2021
  7. fbguru

    Canada Win and o1.5 goals vs Costa Rica

    Canada Win and o1.5 goals vs Costa Rica @ -120 Costa Rica's performance in the last 6 matches has been terrible. Only winning 1 game at home vs El Salvado and almost losing to Jamaica also in Costa Rica.Canada already managed to beat a currently better team (Panamá) and scoring 4 goals, they...
  8. NES

    Sloths And Boobs: The Animal Kingdom’s Greatest Hits

    Sloths and Boobs
  9. NES

    Hastily Made Ruta 27 Promotional Video (Narrated by Oscar Arias) *VIDEO*

    In this Video former president Oscar Arias Narrates what possibly may constitute as the most depressing promotional video ever. The video, a “greatest hits” of sort, highlights some of the biggest disasters since the inauguration of the Caldera Highway. See: ruta-27-promotional-video
  10. NES

    Pura Vida Means Puro Profit for Two White guys in Arizona

    Pura Vida from Jerome Arizona Looks like Cultural appropriation is alive and well in Jerome Arizona the decided home of Pura vida Gallery owners Michael Gamble and Danny Burris.....PURA VIDA
  11. NES

    If Costa Rican Beer Commercials Were Honest

    If Costa Rican Beer Commercials Were Honest:
  12. NES

    Jamie Oliver infuriates Ticos with Inferior Gallo Pinto recipe

    .....Recently Mr. Oliver decided to take on one of international cuisines most challenging dishes, The world famous Gallo Pinto. Things were going well for Jamie too until he neglected the follow the Golden Rule which many of us learned a long time ago (some of us the hard way) and that is never...
  13. NES

    So you’ve been caught smuggling Cocaine (Newbie Orientation at San Sebastian)

    Now that you’ve been caught smuggling cocaine The CR Post would like to welcome you to your new home in San Sebastian Prison. Soon you will understand why San Sebastian is where many residents call home. Because it feels like home....continue reading
  14. NES

    5 Ticos that got famous for the right reasons

    From Astronauts to real life Hollywood actors there is no shortage of Ticos who have carved out a name for themselves in the Annuls of History. You asked for more list and we delivered. Here’s our top 5 List of Ticos that got famous for the right reasons......Continue Reading Sayanora...
  15. NES

    Costa Rica News for Gringos

    5 More Ridiculous Headlines from Costa Rica (6/7) Any Gringo worth his salt knows that finding news worth reading in Costa Rica these days can be harder than getting your maid to pay back that $50 you loaned her last time she went home to visit her family. Fortunately for you The CR Post is...
  16. Looking for the best hosting / data center facility for football season?

    I have been asked this question a million times and by far the best hosting facility in Costa Rica is Rack Lodge. Their data center is fully redundant (electricity, A/C and Internet) and their support techs are top notch. Their e-mail address is and their website is...
  17. It is simple: Own Your Sportsbook in Costa Rica ♠

    Yes, if you are into gaming, we give you the toolbox to have your own profitable Sports/Race-book ready and legal in 2 weeks. We have plans from startups to solid operations and we are responsible for player winnings. Why? We are a group of entrepreneurs that started our own SB...
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  19. Looking for this PPH service, does anyone know?

    I've been betting through a local bookie for couple of years now and recently decided to become a bookie myself. I'm currently using a pph service but not quite satisfied with their template and layout. I really like the one my bookie was using before but he wouldn't tell me what company or...
  20. GringoMovies - Local online DVD store, easy ordering and free delivery in CR - 20% off coupon inside!

    Been a while since stopped by so posting the link again and for the month of December, any new customers from the RX will get a 20% discount on first order. Just use the coupon code - TheRX Hundreds of movies listed with many not out yet here in CR.. easy ordering and pay via CC or COD. Local...