1. boomer1969

    Canada vs Jamaica

    Canada come into this on the back of a 1-0 defeat away to Costa Rica this week. The Jamaicans appeared to have improved but have, once again, declined and Canada are favorites for this one. Let's see if Canada gets the victory in this game or if they allow Jamaica to qualify FIFA CAN vs JAM...
  2. thehacks

    Costa Rica vs Canada

    Costa Rica will win!! FIFA CRC vs CAN Thursday, March 24, 2022
  3. thepickguy1

    Canada vs United States

    USA +180 FIFA CAN vs USA Sunday, January 30, 2022
  4. Canada vs Mexico

    Canada +198 FIFA CAN vs MEX Tuesday, November 16, 2021
  5. thepickguy1

    Canada vs Costa Rica

    Canada -225 Canada is entering with momentum after winning against Panama. FIFA CAN vs CRC Friday, November 12, 2021
  6. fbguru

    Canada Win and o1.5 goals vs Costa Rica

    Canada Win and o1.5 goals vs Costa Rica @ -120 Costa Rica's performance in the last 6 matches has been terrible. Only winning 1 game at home vs El Salvado and almost losing to Jamaica also in Costa Rica.Canada already managed to beat a currently better team (Panamá) and scoring 4 goals, they...
  7. RenoChazz

    **The West is the Best**Kings vs Stars**Ingame thread**


    Understanding Betfair

    A lot of confusion over Betfair so let me see if I can clear up a couple of things for you guys... 1. FIRST KEY TO UNDERSTANDING BETFAIR... Just like eBay matches up buyers and sellers, Betfair matches sports gamblers up on either side of the bet with the odds they agree. Simple. It's a...

    WIN 3 VIP TIX NHL HHOF Poker Tournament THIS Sunday! (Betfair)

    Click Here to find out More... Play Poker with current and former NHL'ers Charities Play it Cool & Shoot for a cure have organised a fantastic poker tournament at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto - and you could be there. Keith Primeau, Steve Thomas, and Eddie Shack are just a...

    Betfair's American Idol Market (ABC News.)

    The Game Behind the Game: 'American Idol' Betting 'American Idol' Gains Unlikely Fans Among Gambling Enthusiasts By SHEILA MARIKAR ABC NEWS April 22, 2009 — Millions tune in to the live broadcasts of "American Idol" for the singing, the suspense, the chance to select the country's new...

    Betfairpoker Free Million Dollar Game - Great chance at winning a Million.

    Guys: I know you've heard it all before...but... Canadians, this is probably the easiest chance at a Million you will ever have to sit down to represent Canada at a table with 14 others where 1 of you walks away with a million dollars (USD). This is the first WSOP Europe event this year as...

    Betfair Podcast - European Football Show.

    Tune in to the Betfair sponsored European Football Show, our brand new podcast with everything you could possibly want to know about the Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, the Bundesliga, Ligue 1 Orange and much, much more… The new episode “Championship Manager?” is online now, so make sure you...

    Learn about betting exchanges - Betfair play for fun site

    Betfair Play For Fun site Learn about betting exchanges. We are also running a soccer contest on the site this weekend - free to play: Check it out here in the soccer forum

    North American vs. UK Racing (By

    North American vs. UK Racing – It’s a Different Game There is nothing like the experience of betting horse racing at Betfair. Not only are odds much higher on the horses you back but you can lay horses you feel are over valued and of course you can bet while the race is being run. There is...

    NFL Week 14 Pool on Betfair - $280 Guaranteed

    Hi all: There's a Week 14 NFL post-up (£10) pool on Betfair with only 8 people signed up (so far) and £150 (approx. $280 CAD) Thanks, Canada Manager