1. Phenom

    College Basketball 2021/2022

    Starting the college basketball season with these teams Boston U -3 Cincinnati -16 Virginia Tech -20 TCU -13.5 LSU -28
  2. The bets you don’t want to miss

    Happy Wednesday, Sports Bettors! The Final Four is set as Houston will take on Baylor and UCLA will take on Gonzaga for a trip to the National Championship game. With that being said, here’s a preview of what a typical report looks like: NCAA News and Analysis ​NBA News and Analysis MLB Futures...
  3. RedAlertWagers


    (DEC 08) For a Limited time only Daily Premium Plays include Top Rated Exclusive Release Plays - Major Move Plays - Backroom Info Games THE RED LINE - (Toll-Free @ 1-844-334-2613) - Text THE RED LINE to Get Tonight's Free MAC ATTACK PLAYS...
  4. Free Basketball Predictions Today 23 September 2019

    Hapoel Eilat VS Ironi Ness Ziona – Hapoel Eilat win Hapoel Jerusalem VS Hapoel Beer Sheva – Hapoel Jerusalem win More at -
  5. +++++ best bet of the week here +++++

    Lets go to the nba for tonights best bet of the week: Miami heat could very well win this game but take the 5.5 and run all the way to the bank with it!!!
  6. Podcast picks

    I dropped today's podcast for this community. The Baller Bet Podcast covers Basketball from a sports betting perspective! I release it everyday and provide free picks and analysis. You can find it on Spotify and Apple Podcasts as well as right here Today's NBA picks...
  7. I launched a Basketball-only sports betting podcast

    Hey RX community! I've launched a new daily podcast called The Baller Bet Podcast!!! I release it daily and provide free picks, commentary and analysis covering both the NBA and College Basketball world's. I'm up to episode 5 today and have been having a blast! If you've been looking for a...
  8. chevycola

    Chevycola's 2018/2019 NCAA BASKETBALL picks

    NCAA BASKETBALL - 2018-2019 Kansas -4.5 @-105 (315/300) Heritage Arizona State -12 @-104 (208/200) Pinnacle Final Record - NCAA Basketball 2017-18 96-81-1 +2590 54.2%
  9. chevycola

    Chevycola's 2018/2019 NCAA BASKETBALL picks

    NCAA BASKETBALL - 2018-2019 Kansas -4.5 @-105 (315/300) Heritage Final Record - NCAA Basketball 2017-18 96-81-1 +2590 54.2%
  10. -BITFLOYD- NCAAB PICKS 2/13/18 thru the end of MARCH MADNESS

    Here's where we stand after day two of me recording my NCAAB picks. I've been on twitter forever but haven't kept an accurate W/L count over the years. Off to a great start. 2-13-18 Virginia -6 2U Nebraska -1 1U St Bonn -1 Bet the house (5U) Day 1 Totals: 3-0 ATS +7 Units 2-14-18 Miss...
  11. Been working on some new analytics Record starts here!!!

    Tuesday 2/13/2018 Record 0-0-0 1 Unit=Whatever you can afford with your bankroll. My rule is never put more than 40% of your bankroll in play at one time!!! Tonights picks Virginia -6 3 Units I think they'll bounce back in a big way after the tough loss to Va Tech (Which I picked btw) but we...
  12. Betting NCAAB with Bitcoins + My picks for today!!!

    I'm starting this discussion to get everyone's thoughts on sportsbooks that are centered around cryptocurrency. I know the price is fluid, but generally rising unless you decide to buy at the wrong time, but it just seems so much easier to me to buy bitcoin from somewhere like nitrogensports...
  13. One day! One shot!

    Hello, I want to start this new thread where I'll try to post a prediction per day. Just wanted to know if someone is interested, if so, I'll explain the money management and all the rest. Predictions @1,90 minum odds
  14. allsports'capper

    New site is now up with free picks on sports and horses: All Sports Capper (

    I hope you'll check out my new website, which is up and running now. I post free picks daily for the major sports, plus horse racing. You can also check my Twitter feed to see when I post new picks. Thanks for stopping by!
  15. 2016 PICKS College Basketball

    Arizona -3 at UCLA Arizona is an overall better team and -3 is too good to pass up. Arizona is 6-1 when playing against a team with a winning record whereas UCLA is 1-6 when playing against a team with a stout offense (scoring 77+ point per game) all signs point to Arizona. I am still looking...
  16. Today

    Los Angeles Sparks -5 They are good team and today I excpet their first win for the season. SAS have some problems with the injuries as well. BOL !
  17. Daily Fantasy NBA Advice

    Does anyone have any leads as to some Daily NBA Fantasy experts to follow? Either free or paid for? Seems like there are a bunch of sites selling info but wanted to check here first for any legit feedback. Any advice or direction is appreciated, I am new to this DFS world. -@rusty_bill
  18. OzCap

    Oz's NCAAB thread...

    Boring title... Those that know me from my statf0x (is that a swear word here?) days (about 10 years ago) and some other smaller forums will vouch for me, but I have been capping and doing stats analysis for about 15 years now, I am not going to brag about huge %'s and units, but my methods are...
  19. 2013-2014 NBA Picks

    Hi friends, I am starting this thread to post my NBA picks throughout the 2013-2014 season. I know as it looks I don't have much credentials, but I have been in the 'business' for years and just decided to start posting my picks to share for all. A little bit about me: I have a college and...
  20. 2 HOT PICKS that won't lose!

    Miami in NFL...S. Florida and WSU Over in CFB...3-0 baby...$8,600 IN PROFIT this season...YESSSS!!! 1 HOT CFB Pick...1 HOT NBA Pick ...2 HOT PICKS that won't lose!!!! And check out this HOTNESS too... ==>>72% last 14 days of all hot football's's MONITORED...