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I am sorry for using the "R" word - and NOTHING EL
Oct 21, 1999
heading off to vegas early thursday morning to spend time w/family - and won't be back until saturday - so posting these now

Miss State +19.5 (LOVE them here - terrible sked spot for Miss - and i sense MSU basically packed it in the last few weeks to save it
all for this one game - one last game "for coach." this one might get dicey at times - but i think MSU gets the money when all is said and done).

Arizona +15.5 (like washington in the WSU series - arizona has owned this series - and i am not sold on asu - and this game sets up a lot like the egg bowl - a team playing hard
in the season finale. asu also has only 1 ATS win all season).

Tennessee -10.5 (a game between a team playing hard - and a team hardly playing - and for one of the few times in a phil fulmer game - the coaching edge goes to fulmer).

Florida +1 (never thought i would bet money on ron zook but i love the spot here - fsu has their bcs bid in hand and right now - florida is the better team. also - home team is 7-1 ATS L8 and fsu is 1-5 ATS in their last road game of the season - and i know that is misleading since they normally lay more wood than 1
point in it).

Virginia "Pick" (real simple here - we have Tech in their usual november swoon. tech has won 4 straight in series - and really none of the were close - but i sense it is time for the "bully" to get the tables turned on them).

others under consideration

Colorado (probably will play)
Miami, Oh (maybe)
MSU/Ark - Under
Texass A&M (maybe)
Missouri (probably)
Rice and Over
Ga. Tech (maybe)

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