Feb 9, 2019
Proud of you taking Mom out yesterday and spending the day with her, good for your Mom :)

I'm not going to tell you who to play Buddy but I'll tell you what not to play I don't care if all hit!!! In the end you will lose so listen to Dad :) do kids really listen??? I gave the best foundation I could and like most, time matures you......Don't most say dang wish I knew then what I know now :)

Son don't bet against Carolina tonight if you play hockey and don't fall for the 5- and play over!!! Actually and bad advice but he's going to do it.......You put those 2 in a parlay and add 6 more plays like I taught to play a parlay.....I've never tried hockey so don't know if you can adjust, just play the 2 and add 6 more!!!! Play a parlay later with 1 nba total, 4 sides in baseball and 3 totals....Adjust the lines!!! I'm saying now because I may be in the woods later but will get back if home in time!!!

Plays don't dare be on, I mean it!

Don't play over in the Boston nba game, listen!!!

Plays you best leave alone if you want to pay for Moms day out yesterday :) you know Dad loves free money, invest hard working money........Your Papa told me one smart thing your Mom never learned, let money work for you forget the headaches of business but Dad does believe in working for yourself!!!

Philadelphia, Washington in baseball, don't let me even here you played those 2 games!!! Runner up, Boston and Texas.......................Totals, adjust and listen in parlay!!!! Don't play over in LaD gm!!!!!!!!!!!!! Late play also and told you many times, that last play is big alot for many different reasons......If Vegas wants you to lose one play, it's the last play of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Other totals I'd leave alone, Phil over, atl under, wash under, that's it...........Unless back by 7 but I'll be back by dark :) snakes in the woods where I'm going and Dad rather walk up on a black bear :)

Just sharing thoughts I share with my Son who I kept from gambling all his life until these clowns made legal for all!!!!!! Guess who made me proud this weekend??? Lawrence Taylor (maybe not spelled right but no money on it) Taylor was as wild as the stories you've heard, I thought I saw him eat glass in a bar one time!!! I use to hang in chapel hill alot when younger even though Carolina sucks in my book until recently :) they still suck though!!! Partied with Phil Ford after kicking their butt in hoops and he makes all American and no one on my team who went undefeated but will shut up :) only a few know my hometown and being a very private person can only say so much!!! Set in Fords room and got high after game, on weed!!! The stories you heard about him are true............

Going out fishing rest of day and many copperhead in the woods to get to water......Dang copperhead got hold to my crappie one day but I cut line but I'll end a copperheads life if need be :)

Oh. Son.........Let clev and dal take a big enough lead to get good plus money and pull trigger!!! If it doesn't happen, big deal its 1 play but learn to increase odds!!!! I'm my day you you had 1 choice before game.....I pick the same as all my life but can pull trigger when i feel and why being down early has never bothered me at all........

Let's go fishing :) Knock!

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