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Sep 21, 2004
8-4-1 Pac 10 Play of the Week

1-3 ATS last week,39-32 ATS All lined Pac-10 games.

$$$$$$$$USC$$$$$$$$$ This week slim pickin's. Next week, whatever the line is, take USC.

Ever been to Autzen Stadium? Awesome place. It is easy to see why so many teams have trouble there (Michigan), that place is loud and green. It is exactly what college football is all about. My Beavers sucked major Duck last week. 1st year coach and perrenial mediocre coach Mike Riley took a team returning just about everyone and made them worse, and QB Derrick Anderson is by far the worst QB in Division 1. Sharkman, thanks for the hospitality and the clubhouse festivities, looking forward to next year.

Pac-10 Play of the Week.

Arizona +15.5 at Arizona State

Two horrible teams go at it for state bragging rights. Two schools of thought here. ASU certainly has the weapons to take out a year's worth of lame football against a really bad team. Or, ASU plays like they have played the majority of their games this year, like cowards and pussies. I'll take the latter. Arizona has, er, (cough) er, stepped it up a notch....In that I mean instead of getting beat by 50 or more points, they only lose by, what,45 in their last game? Oh, that doesn't count, that was USC. The game before that they were downright respectable, beating a decent Washington Husky team. One in which is very similar to this week's opponent.

This game should be high scoring, as neither team has much of a defense. Go Cats.

Final Score: ASU 40 - Arizona 27

The rest....

The only other Pac-10 game is Stanford, and I swear, they have cost me $$$$ almost every week this year, one way or the other. So you might want to fade this pick. But I'm taking Stanford to cover, as I don't see Notre Dame having the passing game necessary to beat Stanford. Shoot, I'll pick them to win outright.

Final Score - Stanford 20, ND 17

Good luck my friends, I will be back next week with another easy winner...(guess which team I'm on)...then will be back to talk Pac-10 Bowls. For now, here are my Pac-10 bowl predictions.

USC - Sugar - Loss to Oklahoma
WSU - Holiday - Win over Missouri/Nebraska
UofO - Sun - Loss to Purdue/Minnesota
Cal - Insight - Loss to WV/Miami/VTech/Pitt
OSU - Las Vegas - Win over New Mexico
UCLA - Fake Tit - Win over Fresno State

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