How Bout Those Preds:)



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Sep 24, 2006
The mother of all hangovers kept me from losing at least 200$ on the preds team total against the lanche the other night. I poured it on in Bayugan City at the realtives videoke bar. The beer was fine until i decided to try some hard stuff. Tanduay rum and emperador brandy, i think it is. You feel a lot worse here because of the heat and humidity.

I pissed off about 1 am and wandered the streets drinking with some guys along the way. They always tell me it's not the smartest thing to do..oh well maybe 1 day i'll learn. Theres bad people here. Yeah, but I feel safer walking the streets here than in my hometown.

I am now in Cebu city. What a run a round to get the paper/marraige icense happening. went back and forth...2 times and in the end were still f@##&ked. If you want to get married here you need something called a Legal Capacity certificate. I figured i had it all done in Canada, but's not what they want!!!!(bloody money grab, that's all).

Anyways how bout them Preds. their team total was due and it hit tonight. like i always say..little streaks must come to an end. it really doesn't matter what team. hope to have a couple plays up soon.

p.s. you guys know the power cable for the laptop?? if it says..100 to 240 volts it's good to go..correct. phils voltage is 220. i actually bought some sort of tramsformer/adaptor and used it. the other night in the hotel it got
incredibly hot..a bit longer and who knows what might have happened. i ended up throwing it out.

pps..this pc here(not laptop) is acting up.


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Nov 19, 2008
was at the game and it was great - lot of people left the arena when Preds went down 3-0 in the they feel like idiots...

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