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Sep 20, 2023
Poster #1 gives an example of Poster #2 trying to deceive forum members (not "accused" him of but giving examples of) by not counting his plays that lost. And boasting about wins he never posted.
Poster #2 replies, hurling personal insults and name calling.

I don't need to look at any other posts to see who is telling the truth (because when you can't challenge facts you resort to personal attacks to deflect) but I take a few minutes to check, and I what do I find?
Poster #1 is correct. Poster #2 cheats.
Which is why he regularly comes under attack from different posters (no, not aliases; "aliases" is just another attempt at deflection, same as calling them "haters" and the even more ridiculous "jealous", as if he's anyone to be jealous of.)

The back and forth Dramarama (very underrated band) begins and quickly devolves into both posters stooping to personal attacks and childish name calling, bringing the forum maturity plane down to eighth grade level.
BOTH parties are now guilty of polluting the forum.
Finally, one of the Rx Referees steps in and delivers a mandate - "Both of you - back to your corners and knock it off!"

I wanted to drop in with a suggestion but haven't made time for it until now.
Telling them both to knock it off only ensures it will start up again in a few days (que' no?)
Just spitballin' here but, instead of putting a temporary stop to the problem - how about fixing it?
Fix the root of the problem - if Poster #2 isn't cheating none of this happens.

Allowing cheating to go unchecked is encouraging the behavior to continue, which is why it does continue.

Don't treat them both equally - punish the guy trying to deceive forum members, the cheater, the guy who habitually go into other poster's threads and takes cheap shots (despite Fanboyzs proclaiming his innocence) then, when others fire back, runs whining to the mods, like a little girl ("Mommy, mommy, make the bad man stop. His words - they hurt me!") proving he possesses less than zero self awareness, and believes rules are for others but not for him.

Posters who point out cheaters do a service to members who tail other's picks by warning them the guys they may be thinking about tailing based on their "record" are posting inaccurate records, so proceed with caution and do your own research.
Guys who cheat on their records are doing a disservice to members.
They're not really interested in helping forum members, it's just a ruse they use to help themselves by trolling for posters who are losing and desperate, ones they can stealth solicit via private msgs to pay for them for picks.
Or, even worse, and sadder - they're not touts, they're cheating in hopes of getting "respect" and attention from total strangers on the internet.

Give a timeout to the guys who are proven to be cheaters. If they become repeat offenders - ban them.
And if anyone accuses another poster of cheating w/out proof, and/or is just name calling - same thing, one warning then ban.

Yes, if you do this, some posters will complain. They don't care about forum rules, they're okay with the drama, they're okay with touts cheating on their records, as long as someone gives them a few winners.
But without rules you have chaos. And stunted growth.
And you lose posters.

I see members here claim that good posters have left. Honest 'cappers who don't want to contribute due to the cheaters and the nonsense that follows them around. I can't speak for those but I can say for a fact - I know of posters who would contribute picks if the BS is cleaned up (including one who will today.)
Quality breeds quantity.

I see the mods are catching heat from unhappy Fanboyz, for doing a cleanup.
I offer the opposite - I want to let you know it is, for many posters (most I would guess), much appreciated.
More, please.

Thank you.

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Sep 20, 2023
From above:

"Allowing cheating to go unchecked is encouraging the behavior to continue, which is why it does continue.

Don't treat them both equally - punish the cheater trying to deceive forum members."
Not the guy who points it out and warns others.

I'm interested in seeing how today's drama plays out.

Will the perpetual record cheater be allowed to continue unchecked, and the guy who warned forum members be punished?

Or will a timeout be given to the guy who, as always, cheated on his record? For example, this morning, telling posters he's 14-13 for the tournament when he's really 11-15, 42%, and 19-34, 35%, in units, based on the *'s he posted.

Fix the root of the problem and the problem goes away.

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Sep 20, 2023
Thanks for the upvote, Monte.

From the post above: "I'm interested in seeing how today's drama plays out."

Well, I got my answer.
And unfortunately it was Shoot the Messenger, not "fix the root of the problem."
Which is why it will happen again (as it has many times, consistently with this particular poster over the years, every sport, every season.)

So today's word of the day in "enabler."

enabler: noun
One who enables another to persist in destructive behavior by making it possible to avoid the consequences of such behavior.

It's a simple matter:
Bettors come here to look for picks.
They see a "winning" record and think, "This guy is good, I'm going to bet his picks."
They don't know the record is fake. And they lose their money.
Real people, forum members, RX CUSTOMERS, get hurt because a guy is allowed to use this platform to post a fake record.

I'll give you a real life example.
A poster here tracked Bookmaker and provided the forum with updated, REAL records for MONSTER, SUPER MONSTER and GOY plays.
Because he saw bm always telling posters how well he's doing, and so he started betting bm's plays.
Then he noticed something strange - he was losing money betting the plays but bm kept telling the forum about how he was "winning."
So he decided to give the facts so that forum members could make an informed decision whether to follow the plays or not, based on accurate, real records. And the mods here allowed him to post the facts. And this was a good thing.
Because REAL PEOPLE, FORUM MEMBERS, RX CUSTOMERS, GET HURT when a guy is allowed to habitually post a fake record.
They lose real money, just like in the example above.

A successfull growth model for business says, "Treat your customers with respect and you'll have a customer for life."
A business will not grow using a model that says, "Treat your customers as sheep and let them be slaughtered."

Don't shoot the messenger. Correct the problem.

Sep 21, 2004
Da Forum Days of then are no more. Most people today don’t track including myself. Back in the beginning of of times there were contests and a mod would keep running totals now new faces new “Ways and Means” #11 in the Oaks

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