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Sep 21, 2004
Arkansas at LSU Fri, 2:30 p.m. ET (CBS) Preview

What a post-turkey day treat – the Hogs trying to outsmart the Tigers. I announced this game last year, and LSU was in charge until the very end of the game when QB Matt Jones figured out how to throw the ball with accuracy. And just like that ... the Tigers were beaten. For Arkansas to win this year, the Razorbacks will need balance throughout the game on offense. LSU is tough on defense and has a lot of ability with Matt Mauck directing the offense. How will LSU deal with the pressure of the BCS standings? You know the Tigers are aware of not only the SEC race but also the national championship picture.
Pick: Tigers

Nebraska at Colorado Fri, noon ET (ABC regional) Preview


CU's got a bowl game on its mind; NU's got a coaching situation on its mind. Is Frank Solich going to be replaced? I have to say that it would be a mistake to think you could find a more capable coach for the Huskers than Solich. Nebraska's sitting here with an 8-3 record and a real shot at nine or 10 wins. Reality is this: Nebraska fans have to realize that they won't be playing for a national title every other year. And as long as Bob Stoops is at OU, the Huskers will have to hope for a down year by the Sooners just to get a Big 12 title. Is the coaching uncertainty a distraction for Nebraska? CU's not that bad. A couple of weeks ago the Buffs beat Missouri. Yep, the same Missouri team that whipped Nebraska!
Pick: Buffaloes

Texas at Texas A&M Fri, 3:30 ET (ABC) Preview

While I'm in New York doing the pregame and halftime, my family will be in College Station watching this one. A few have said the Aggies don't have much talent. Bull! I don't buy that. The Aggies aren't a real good team, but it's not because of talent. The players and coaches need to do a better job of playing the game. Having said that, I believe it's possible for the Aggies to win – but not this week! The Horns definitely are more talented than the Aggies and playing for a BCS spot.
Pick: Longhorns

Alabama at Hawaii Sat, 7:45 ET (ESPN)

The Blackshirts of Nebraska had better look in the mirror and remind themselves of who they're "supposed to be." That's because NU's defense is facing Darren Sproles of K-State, and last year Sproles hit the Blackshirts for 159 yards. This is a battle for the North Division of the Big 12. Jammal Lord has to be effective to keep Ell Roberson and KSU's offense on the sidelines.

Note to Tide fans: Remember that it's going to be tough for a few years. Let the staff do their job with what and whom they have.
Pick: Warriors

Florida State at Florida Sat, 3:30 ET (CBS) Preview

Both teams are trying to accomplish several interesting things. And yes, this is a tough rivalry game. For Florida, a win would definitely solidify Ron Zook's position and be the ninth win of the year. The Gators would have beaten LSU, Georgia, Arkansas and FSU in the same season! Wow. The Seminoles are looking for win No. 10. Not bad for a program that you feel still is looking for solid footing. This game will come down to which team's QB makes the plays – or maybe more importantly, which QB doesn't mess up.
Pick: Gators

Georgia at Georgia Tech Sat, 1 ET (ABC regional) Preview

I can't figure out GTech. One week the Yellowjackets look as though they could beat anybody. Then they lose to Duke. This great rivalry will make the season for Tech if they win – and crush the year for Georgia if the 'Dawgs lose. David Greene and the offense at UGa have to score TDs when in the red zone. Tech's defense is capable of shutting down an opponent.

You can rest assured that LSU fans are pulling for UGa ... strength of schedule for the Tigers!
Pick: Bulldogs

Miami at Pittsburgh Sat, 8 ET (ABC split national) Preview

What a matchup, with Big East title ramifications. It's Miami's last conference game as a member of the Big East. Miami has only lost to the Panthers one time since the inception of Big East football in 1993. Pitt can throw the ball extremely well with Rod Rutherford and Larry Fitzgerald. The 'Canes are one of the country's best pass defenses. Can Brock Berlin and the Miami offense score?
Pick: Panthers ... what the heck

Notre Dame at Stanford Sat, 8 ET (ABC regional)

Just what Ty Willingham needs – a softy! His former team! The Irish no longer appear to have a shot at the San Francisco Bowl if they win out and finish 6-6. Instead of trying to qualify for a bowl game that nobody really knows much about, the Irish will have to settle for trying to end the season at .500. The Irish...the Irish...the Irish. ND...ND...ND. Better hook up with a conference before fans forget the school used to win titles.
Pick: Cardinal

TCU at SMU 3 ET Preview

My old team has the honorless distinction of being one of only two teams that haven't won this year. When I was in junior high, we used to say that if you didn't play better, you'd have to play for SMeww. Fortunately, my teammates and I changed that saying! But the Mustangs are back to being the talk of the playgrounds. And those aren't good thoughts being passed around. Here's reality for the week: TCU's going to try to hang a massive loss on the Ponies. I'll be throwin' up in the studio watching! Oh well. By the way, I wonder if Army wants to hook up before Christmas? That way, at least one of the programs would win a game.

But I do believe SMU coach Phil Bennett will get it turned around.
Pick: Horned Frogs

Virginia Tech at Virginia Sat, 1 ET (ABC regional) Preview

At the start of the season, most assumed that VTech would be favored to win this game. Well, the season's gone a little differently than planned for the Hokies. Virginia has been up and down but still has a bowl game in its future. Apparently, VT will use Bryan Randall at QB. Big key to the game: Can UVa stop Kevin Jones? I don't think so.
Pick: Hokies


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Sep 21, 2004
Did you copy this from somewhere? Did you play at SMU? When?


Sep 20, 2004
Jumbo 227,I also attended SMU(I played tennis).My first two years were the death penalty years.When were you there?


Sep 20, 2004

That article was written by Craig James...Jumbo was just posting it for your edification.

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