Sep 20, 2004
Aloha Gang. Well, this is it, this is a game where Hawaii needs to win, or else their chances of being WAC CHAMPS, is almost guaranteed to be no more. Thus, that big matchup here in Hawaii, in our advantageous backyard, played in Dec. against Boise St. will be all for nothing, except pride. And nobody here wants to play for pride. Championships is whats its all about. And this shot at the WAC Championship is what the guys want. But, they all know that the road to that dance for them, runs first through Nevada and those pesky wolfpacks.

OK the facts are the facts, and the bottomline has already been established. Now on to the game. I feel the Hawaii Warriors, will bring home a victory tomorrow, and it could all be due to the fortunate scheduling of this game. This game being played on Nov. 15 instead of Nov. 8, gave a valuable benefit leading to a positive situation for the Warriors to take full advantage of, and that valuable benefit, was time.

This bye week, last week, couldn't have come at a better time for the Warriors, as they needed some time off to make some very needed adjustments to the team, especially on Offense, where it seems that they were slowly spiraling downwards. This was diffinately evident in Hawaii's almost being upset by San Jose St., a game thought to be the easiest one this year. Well, it wasn't and they got away with one on that day, thanks to the refs f/up. Though, those games were said to be the results of let downs from the LaTech victory which could be true to some point. There is definatly no confusion about the benefit this extra time, allowed Coach Jones and the team to be certain, that that was the case, or that something else needed to be addressed. What ever the case may be regarding the last two games where the Offense struggled to score and QB Timmy Chang look off his game, everyone is thankful to have an additional week to prepare for this road game against Nevada.

I had a chance to speak with some of the players and they confided in me, what I already knew but couldn't be for certain, in whats causing them to be less effective on Offense. They definately lacked focus in their past two games, after they were so focused on Fresno, and then on the La Tech game. In both those games, this focus clearly showed in their play, and its result in big let downs for the following two games also showed. So, I cannot stress enough how this bye week gave the Warrior the invaluable time they needed to refocus for this game.

In addition, the time also allowed Coach Jones an extra week to revamp his already potent high flying Off even more. It allowed him and his staff time to address and make adjustments, in regards to the conditions they will be playing in come Saturday. Their is no doubting that the weather, temp., and also altitude, will be factors in this game. How much of a factor or how big of a factor they will play, can only truely be determined after it is all said and done. Still, the extra time given to the Coaching staff, was a valuable opportunity to have in order to add additional game plans to address these factors should they have an effect on the teams play. Coach Jones continuely stated how fortunate they are to benefit from this seasons schedule, something which more ofter works against you. He went on to comment, that if not for the additional week to prepare, there may not have been enough time to completely prepare for a game of this magnitude, as the majority of the preparation time would be spent on addressing last weeks poor performance on Off.

It is again, because of this valuable additional week to prepare that gives me added confidence that the Warriors are ready and focused to overcome this challenge tomorrow.
The time also will help them overcome the strains of traveling. As it has surely helped them in getting excited and energized again. This is an added advantage and a plus for Hawaii, but bad news for teams waiting take advantage of a deflated, tired, and jetlaged team. Also, add into the travel adjustments I share in my other post, where Coach Jone readjusted it, in order for the team to recover and overcome the travel effects that once plagued them in past by affect their performances, and you got one team well prepared and fully gased up and ready to play at full strength.

Ok, I think that should cover why the Warriors will have an added advantage going into this game against Nevada. Now, I will inform you of the players and their attitudes going into this game. It is all good to be physically prepared for a game, but if your not mentally prepared as well, then no way can any team expect to perform at their highest level. Well, I can say from personal contact as well as viewing player interviews that were conducted this week before they traveled to Nevada, the guys are very excited about the opportunities that exist for them if they win this game. They are all motivated because of these possibilities, and they know that it won't last should they not get a victory today. Captain Chad Owens help relay the importance of this game and the opportunities it presents, especially to the underclassmen. I have to honestly say that from viewing interviews and reading comments from alot of the players, I could only see and hear determination, focus, and enthusiasm in the eyes and voice of the players. They know that everything must be left on Nevada's field, and are seriously with this hungrey determined attitude must win today. Thanks to the bye week, they in my opinion are ready and very able to win this game, something that probably would be harder to achieve hadn't they had one to benefit from.

I have not spoken on Nevada or compared them to Hawaii in this writeup, as you may have noticed. One reason for this is because we all know about Nevada, their situation and also what they dont have and what they do have in terms of talent. I know that information is out there and people can get access to it, if not informed. Another reason is because the other comparisons with Nevada would be determined or based on things like trends , past histories, ats , or technical adv or disadv, etc. In Hawaii games, I chose to use more of my first hand knowledge and information when capping their games, this I know many dont have access to. The present, and its situations at the present time and how it is addressed is what many will not be privileged to get, yet know that it is important to have. This is why, todays writeup on the Hawaii game against Nevada, I only spoke and elaborated on Hawaii's current situation going into this game both physically and mentally, and also what this game really means to them. Hawaii is the better overall team then Nevada is, but it is these important facts and factors I touched upon which will allow them to live up to this fact.

So, with the benefits of having more time to prepare for this big game in terms of a must win situation in order to play for the Championship, Hawaii has retained many of the advantages it could have loss hadn't they not had the benefit of additional time to prepare. Because of this and also my personal belief that they are prepared for this game, along with the information regarding the teams present situation, the complete game preparations, and lastly Coach Jones effective travel adjustments, I am confidently playing this game as a big 4 Unit Play on the Hawaii Warriors -3.

Aloha and Good Luck to all tomorrow. Co-Captain. Go Warriors!!!!!!

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