Even a blind squirrel finds the nuts occasionally



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Sep 21, 2004
I rarely bet college football. Only the NFL on which I do okay. But I get a weekly mailing from the SCORE tout service ( a bigger bunch of scumbags would be hard to find) hyping their 1000* college lock of the year, which was going today. If you listen to their claims, the only time they lose this play is when the game is played under a full eclipse of the sun. If there is no eclipse the game is a sure lock.

Anyway in a weak moment I decided to play the game. (California -10.5 over Stamford) What do you know. It covered as Cal won the game by 12 points. They covered the spread by 1.5 points. Not a strong cover, but it made it.

Now that is not the end of the story. Last week while watching Proline on TV, Dave Cokin announced tat he had his college game of the year going that day.(Colorado State -14 over someone whose name I forget). In another weak moment I bet that game. Lo and behold, Colorado State struggled to a 15 point win (21-6) and I covered my bet by 1 point.

I am retiring from betting college football any more this season. After winning 2 games by 2.5 points I don't think I can top that. The only thing that might make me play another game is if Sixth Sense comes up with a 5* pick.

The worst part of this is that these two scammers will be blowing their own horns for the rest of the year as to how they won their GOY's. Both games were pure luck. The blind squirrels found their nuts.



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Oct 21, 1999
<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by sandmanfromlv:
they have GOY's (at least 1) EVERY WEEK...<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

sorry sand - you can ridicule cokin for his picks - but not his ethics. his ONLY CFB GOY was last week (csu over sdsu). he may have had conference GOYs - but not only ONE CFB GOY!

and for those who want to know - he has his NFL GOY going this week! i won't say what it is - for i know someone will post it here - but i know it is his ONLY NFL GOY this season, too.

as i said - blast him on his picks - but not his ethics.

people here know i rip services a new one if/when they try and cheat the public - and i feel rightfully so. i'll feeely admit i've known cokin for over 10 years - and while his picks at times might not be world class - his ethics are (and for those who want to add he is a member of feist's circle - agree - but dave still has a code of ethics HE lives by)


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Sep 1, 2001
One comment on Cokin.
As some of you may know, Cokin used to be a regular poster on this forum. I found most of his info to be quite insightful, even though I didn't always agree with his selections.
I did appreciate his openly honest views on handicapping sports, and his sharing of information resources.( that's what this site should be all about.)

I'm not sure why he left, but I do miss some of the disscussions....


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Oct 20, 2002
I'd have to agree with the opinions here on Cokin. I listen to him a lot on the radio and he seems like a good guy. I didn't realize that he was a one time poster here. As far as services go I'm doing a 180 degree turn from my previous stance on them. I now love the services. These guys help put money in my pocket especially when they all line up on the same side of a game. These saps that listen to them are all on one side moving the line 1 to 1.5 points. Then everyone thinks BW or a syndicate just made a huge play and the line moves another point. Thank God for the services.

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