drunken CFB week 12



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Feb 4, 2003
Been having a hard time lately, last week was by far my worst of the season. I see a lot of games I like this week, more than most weeks. Hopefully I can turn it around.

Last week:

2-6-1 -6.8 units

Year to date:

43-45-1 -8.39 units

Early plays:

Indiana +19 Penn St

Penn St in too much turmoil to cover 19. Think they will win but it will be at most a 10 point game.

Purdue +3.5 Ohio St

Ohio St still overrated. Purdue may be best team in big 10. Gotta take the points with the better team IMO.

Tennessee +23 Mississippi St

Miss St sucks. Tennessee should dismantle them top to bottom. I see this as a very one-sided game.

TCU -6.5 Cincinatti

Looks like a classic trap, but gotta think TCU is motivated as one of the last 2 undefeated teams, and Cinci hasn't impressed this year. Will roll with the squares on this one.

Kansas State pk Nebraska (2 units)

Nebraska too one-dimensional on offense to have success this week. Expect a low-scoring game with K State to win by one score

Baylor +53 Oklahoma

After running up the score the last two weeks, gotta think Oklahoma will have a down week on offense. This is a definite look ahead game for OK and the line is inflated due to all the press they are getting. I just can't see them "getting up" here, and they've been criticized for running up the score, so I expect them to keep it "respectable", within 6 scores or less.


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Feb 4, 2003
didn't get a chance to post my late plays, but my early plays did well enough. Finally broke the slump and had a nice winning week...

Indiana +19 Penn St LOSE
Purdue +3.5 Ohio St WIN
Tennessee -23 Mississippi St WIN
TCU -6.5 Cincinatti WIN
Kansas State pk Nebraska (2 units) WIN
Baylor +53 Oklahoma WIN

This week:

5-1 +4.9 units

season to date:

48-46-1 -3.49 units

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