A Champaign Angle 11-7/11-8


Brock Landers

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Sep 21, 2004
1)Colorado St -1. This game shapes up as a nice matchup of a good team playing a little worse than they should this year, and a bad team playing a hell of a lot better than anyone would have thought. New Mexico, with the exception of the Utah win, has beaten no one. Colorado st has dropped some games inexplicably, but we feel more than confident that Van Pelt will get the job done here.

2)Purdue -2 1/2 (TOP PLAY). Really not sure why Purdue is such a small favorite, Iowa on the road doesn't do much for us, they have already lost 2 big ten road games, and this will be #3, we will pound Purdue as hard as an game this season!

3)Minnesota -6 1/2 (buy the points). The Gophers have a really nice looking team this year, and with the exception of that fluke comeback by Michigan could probably be undefeated. Wisconsin just isn't getting it done with their core of wounded players on O, and we feel Minnesota will run and score them into the dumpster. Take the home team here.

4)Oklahoma St +3 1/2. This game shapes up much like earlier in the year when K-State played here as a favorite. Oklahoma st simply ran into a buzzsaw as the best team in the country last week, but remember before that how good this team was playing, we don't care for Texas much anyway, but with OKIE st as a home dog, hats too much to pass on.

5)Kansas St -18 1/2. This game almost slipped under the radar, but then we realized that Iowa st is getting hammered week in and week out, this looks like another bloodletting as K St is assured to get into the 40's, and should not give up more than 20 points, that alone means a cover.

6)Missouri -4 1/2. Colorado threw in the towel a while back, Missouri has some serious bowl aspirations and nothing to look ahead to as a distraction, expect a 10 point win here in Boulder for Mizzou.

7)California -1. Oregon continues to fall apart, the win vs Stanford not withstanding, this is not a real good team. We NEVER like squads that shuffle QB's back and forth and Cal finally settled in on good one a while back. so we can see no other result but a CAL victory here.

8)UCLA +10. Not sure why the heavy favoritism on WSU, UCLA is playing good conference football and is ONE game behind WSU in record and tied in the conference. We love the points here as WSU is a really battered bunch, expect this one to be close.

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