yankees blow

  1. barman

    Could be a long rebuilding year for 2012 Yankees

    Let's be honest. This NYY club is an increasingly crumbling bunch who may find it hard to top 88 wins this year. Texiera & Cano can't carry the rest of this bunch. Granderson power stats revert to more normal 20-25 hrs Swisher.....a middlin' offensive threat who plays plodding defense & is...
  2. barman

    billhill, betallsports, douglas and co

    I've still got a couple lingering debts (under $200 total) with a trio of Rxforum friends in pucks forum which I'd like to get paid off in next week. So I am taking bids on an autographed bat from Dan Johnson Don't hurt each other trying to get to front of bidding line :drink:
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