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  1. 5thstreetpicks

    June,17 CR

    BEL R3/7-5-8 GP R3/3-5-7 R4/3-8-2 R5/7-2-4 R8/2-1-4 LRL R2/1-6-7 MTH R3/5-4-2 R6/2-6-3 SA R2/3-5-2 R5/2-5-4 WO R1/5-3-4 CBY R4/5-7-2 R5/5-3-4 ELP R3/4-3-1 R5/7-8-2 EMD R3/6-1-4 R4/5-3-1 R6/5-2-3 R7/6-5-2 LAD R3/8-1-6 R4/2-4-1 PRM R1/1-2-6 R5/6-7-4 ---- pick your races Good Luck all Jim
  2. 5thstreetpicks

    June,16 Claiming Report

    My members ask for it and it's back the Claiming Report where you get only Sprint races 4yo and up Claiming with field sizes of 6 to 8 if you can't make money with this then you need to stop playing horses ------------------- BEL R3/2-6-5 GP R4/2-3-6 LRL R8/5-6-2 MTH R$/6-5-1 R6/7-4-3 SA...
  3. 5thstreetpicks

    June,08 HAW

    Hawthorne/ 08 ( * ) 4yo ^ *R1/6-5-4 *R2/3-2-6 R3/9-6-5 R4/5-2-6 R5/2-6-3 *R6/7-2-6 R7/2-8-4 Profile of winning final times click here go to site and see Stats page Now you can see what the track is permitting for age,gender,distance
  4. 5thstreetpicks

    June,04 4yo ^

    Today of the 4yo^ races going to look at the Top-2 picks horses with 2 or 3 pts better on last class (An average of the BRIS Class Rating for the last three starts regardless of distance and surface.) did all tracks paid and free ------------------ BEL R3/#4 CD R3/#10 R5/#2 GP R9/#7 HAW R1/#3...
  5. 5thstreetpicks

    June,03 Exa-boxes

    This is something new that will be on the site the races below are 4yo ^ dirt races only from my main tracks as for June,02 we had 6 races they are all Exacta boxes you can box for more $ or just the $1.00 box=$6.00 Bet>$36 Ret>$90.62 Profit> $54.62 BEL R4/ $6.50 R7/ $43.00 CD R3/out R6/...
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  7. 114-59 (66%) Members Run. 31-15 (67%) Bonus Play Run

    114-59 Overall Run 77-40 NCAAB Run 15-6 NBA Run 31-15 Bonus Play Run (And 61% last 260 Free Picks) NBA record update: 123-74 +374.22 Units ($37,422) NCAAB Record update: 113-65 +345.12 units ($34,512) Join the #1 Service and start cashing in!
  8. -- New site. Currently on a 8-1 run, 5-0 Thursday, 3-1 Friday, and our 3-Star Bonus Plays are on a 4-0 run!!!

    Saturday: Five NCAAF Top Plays. 3-1 Friday night! Our 3-Star Bonus Plays are on a 4-0 run! On a solid run these last few days -- 5-0 Thursday, 3-1 on Friday night and currently on a 4-game run with our 3-Star Bonus Plays! Last night's plays: Fresno State -4.5 WIN (Fresno won by 11) Fresno...
  9. Friday's Plays (Huge night! Perfect 5-0 Thursday card!) -- NEW SITE!

    Friday's Plays (Huge night! Perfect 5-0 Thursday card!) Huge night last night with four winning bets and a successful parlay! We also nailed our 3-STAR Bonus Play on the Giants +3.5, resulting in three straight 3-STAR wins. Last night's plays: Texas Tech +14 Appalachian State under 61.5 NY...
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    Ready to Daily free picks and top plays are $9.99. Several pick packages are available. A few years ago, I made my handicapping debut with I had just started to craft my system, but I did fairly well: the site...
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  13. Monday NHL Parlay

    Monday NHL 2-Game Parlay: Phoenix/LA Over 5, Chicago/Colorado Over 5.5 :pope:
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  15. 3 picks for Friday

    Click on link for info on Friday's MLB card. Cashed last night with the Braves and 4 out of last 5.......
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