1. alexcollado

    Djokovic - Kyrgios

    Novak has never beaten Nick so far. The two matches between them ended in favour of the Australian. And interestingly, Djokovic has not taken a single set. Kyrgios is certainly capable of surprise. But I would consider betting on a sets total over 3.5.
  2. alexcollado

    Wimbledon 2022

    Traditionally, we bet on the favourites in the 1st and 2nd round?) But which of the favourites will go out?)
  3. Bill Clinton congratulates USA team on not quitting

    Bill Clinton offered his congratulations to the USA aggregation afterwards seeing Landon Donovan account a 92nd-minute ambition to forward them through to the endure 16 of the World Cup as accumulation winners. The USA looked set to blast out in the accumulation date admitting creating abundant...
  4. Betfair.com

    What have we learned from the 2009 Australian Open? (By Betfair)

    What have we learned from the 2009 Australian Open? When Federer says something even mildly controversial we should listen, according to Simon Mundie of the Betfair Canada Blog. At the outset of the first Grand Slam tournament of 2009, most tennis enthusiasts...
  5. Betfair.com

    Betfair.com's Grand Slam Betting Strategy.

    Grand Slam Betting: Tsonga and Murray have what it takes but will 2009 be their year? Click here to view market By Betfair.com Canadians, take the Betfair Canada Challenge 2008 was significant in that someone other than Nadal or Federer won a Grand Slam. But just what do you need to win...
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