week 12

  1. AirTroop's Complete Week 12 ATS Picks - 7 new HUGE PLAYS included!

    Okay, we all know how I did on the 3 Thursday NFL games; 2-1 ATS, 0-2 on Huge Plays. Just to keep everything on one page here, I've reposted the Thursday picks along with the rest of the scheduled games. MY HUGE PLAYS ARE BELOW... Good luck and AGAIN, thanks for letting me play here :-)...
  2. NFL Power Rankings: Week 12

    1. (1) Indianapolis Colts (10-0) The oddsmakers had the undefeated Colts underdogs at Baltimore, expecting a letdown after that incredible comeback win over the Pats. Peyton Manning, however, is never an underdog. 2. (2) New Orleans Saints (10-0) For the fifth straight contest, New Orleans...
  3. Week 12 MNF Parlay Play

    been waiting all day to get the line to where it's at now - sportsbook.com and a few others. the parlay play is .... NO + 1 Under 52 2 units If separate ... NO +1 1 unit Under 52 2 units