1. barman

    This Week in Memoriam - Aug 1, 2010

    via Nicole Belle at Crooks&Liars This Week marks the passings of entrepreneur Theo Albrecht, former ambassador James E Akins, R&B singer Al Goodman. In addition, the Pentagon released the names of eleven service members killed in Afghanistan. US Marines LtCol Mario D Carazo, 41, Springfield...
  2. barman

    Pentagon loses track of another $8.7Billion in U.S. taxpayer dollars

    Pentagon Can't Account For $8.7 BILLION In Iraqi Reconstruction Money, Audit Finds ------ Bar: But just keep giving us that much every couple weeks and we'll promise to keep better track. And remember...if you say No to giving us more billions in taxpayer money to cover our next month of...
  3. barman

    Great News - WikiLeaks releases over 90,000 Documents in "Afghan War Diary"

    Shining the light of truth on government actions is best for all concerned - save for perhaps those who benefit from dishonesty and fraud. Afghanistan War Logs: WikiLeaks Releasing Over 90,000 Documents In 'Afghan War Diary' *** UPDATE: WikiLeaks is releasing their full "Afghan War Diary" on...
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