1. FREE THURSDAY NIGHT PRIME TIME PICK – Philadelphia Eagles vs Kansas City Chiefs

    This Thursday night in prime time NFL action, the Philadelphia Eagles are once again going to try and prove that they are top contenders as they face off against the Kansas City Chiefs. Andy Reid has been all over the news lately with his new team going against his former, and it should be an...
  2. GFE

    Brees Vs Vick

    Lets say you are lucky enough to have both... who would you start today? I am worried about Vick's energy after a short week, the Giants coming off an emotionally pathetic loss but with more rest and their defense being one that likes to take out QB's But he got me 50 pts last week, so I...
  3. Betonline

    NFL Betting - How Does Michael Vick Affect the Eagles Odds?

    The big news in NFL betting circles is, of course, Michael Vick signing with the Philadelphia Eagles. The big question is: will his signing have an impact on the team at all and, if it does, how significant will that impact be? While nothing is guaranteed, anyone betting online and wondering...
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