1. Undergroun Sports Connection 11-16-11

    Guys I have the website loaded with daily picks (all guaranteed) and a super discounted special also comes with a guarantee! For more info go to http://hotcappersreport.com/ Also feel free to contact with any questions what so ever.
  2. This simple system makes money!

    Saturday's MLB card up now: http://splashpagemaker.com/splash/?rid=4549&id=5452
  3. 3 picks for Friday

    Click on link for info on Friday's MLB card. Cashed last night with the Braves and 4 out of last 5....... http://splashpagemaker.com/splash/?rid=4549&id=5452
  4. Sunday: Royals/Rockies & Sharks/Blackhawks

    Underground Sports Connection Sunday 2 system series picks up and ready for FREE now at: http://www.hotcappersreport.com
  5. Underground Saturday Triple 400* Unit Plays

    Underground Sports Connection Follow me at twitter (ugsportsconn) Monitored by 3 independent sports monitors ***All Packages come with a Guarantee - you must show a profit or next card is FREE! Special May 2009 Promotion $2 per card for entire month Current picks ready (Saturday)3...
  6. Underground Wednesday

    Underground Sports Connection Current picks ready (Wednesday) 1 NBA & 2 MLB www.hotcappersreport.com Monitored by (3) Independent sports monitors Free pick up and ready at the website Big Wednesday 500* NBA play plus (2) MLB Underdogs! Follow me at Twitter username (UGSportsconn)...
  7. 500* Early MLB & 500* Late NBA

    Today I have a total of 5 plays. I have an early 500* MLB play Bluejays/Indians and a afternoon 200* winner Twins/Wsox, both plays for $5 on the buy picks section of the website. If you buy option 1 you get option 2 FREE! For the night cap I have a 500* NBA play Magic/Nets a 200* Nats/Braves...