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  1. CarolinaKid

    Katy Perry

    Got talk into flying up to ny to watch Katy aug 27, on the today show.My duke buddy is taking his kids up for the show and we going to a great steak house in the new yankee home before the fly back.I heard it was a great steak restaurant and just wonder has anyone been there Katy...
  2. CarolinaKid

    American Idol Winner Fantasia made sex tape with married man

    Breaking news on the air today.Having met and talk with this gal here several times with Fantasia , man this married guy must have serious problems at home as Fantasia is
  3. CarolinaKid

    7 YR OLD girl Lemonade stand close by the health dept

    Portland, oregon a 7 yr girl lemonade stand was close by local health dept.What the hell is American coming
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