1. Bane1976

    ATTN: Tampa Bay Bucs Fans

    Please SHUT UP about last year's game with the Giants. What Schiano pulled at the end was dirty and has no place in the NFL. Find me video evidence of a play like that not only working but working with actual points gained. Play hard my ass Schiano is a pussy and was upset that his team blew a...
  2. 5teamparlay

    More HR's in 2012 Longoria (-4) /// Zimmerman

    Currently at Greek: 4/5/2012*1:20 PM Longaria vs Zimmerman - most home runs hit**Official stats via MLB. com. If player is traded from AL to NL or vice versa, you get his combined stats. If either or both players starts season on the disabled list, not on active roster or sent to the minors...
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